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What is the use of young green garlic?

In addition, cooking is welcome and greenGarlic (young): its arrows and leaves. Green garlic was first used by the people of India. In ancient times, the formation of an ancient civilization without it, did not do and folk medicine.

What is its use?
Its unique flavoring, as well as healingProperties were familiar to people a considerable time ago. Romans and Greeks, Egyptians and Arabs, Jews knew about the enormous benefits that garlic could bring to the human body. Therefore, already in those days the plant was incredibly in demand. Found ancient manuscripts, which described more than 800 medicines, made on the basis of garlic.

In Russia, green garlic is also known for a long time. His green young leaves were used as a remedy for beriberi. It is the shoots of green garlic that can be noticed first on the gardeners' beds.

The caloric content of the plant is very low (40 Kcal) at100 grams of the product. This level of caloric content of green garlic, as well as a sufficiently large amount of minerals and vitamins, makes it easy to consider the product as dietary and therapeutic. With its regular use, it quickly has an effect on the body as a whole. Scientists have proved that the health benefits of people are much greater from such garlic than from green onions. Its bulbs contain vegetable protein, and in record quantities. Its narrow and long leaves contain a lot of vitamin C, more than in the feathers of green onions. Together with sorrel it can be grown and consumed all year round.

Green leaves excrete phytoncides in the air. The pathogens of many different diseases are not able to develop and multiply in this zone. Among the whole number of cultivated plants, there are still no such plants having a huge range of plants, like garlic. Garlic is very rich in calcium and iodine. According to the content of iron, it is not inferior to green apples. A peculiar smell is attached to the garlic sulfur compounds. Essential oil of green garlic is saturated with antibiotics that can suppress the development of many microbes and bacteria. Ogorodniki planted it near other crops, preventing these plants from the disease. Green young leaves are also rich in sugars. Use them preferably in fresh form.

Many centuries already use this amazingPlant for medicinal purposes. And to date, research scientists confirm its healing power. Scientists around the world say that green garlic can fight a huge number of diseases and is very effective.

Main useful features:

  1. Promotes significant improvement in the digestive system
  2. Has an effect on lowering blood sugar
  3. Reduces quickly enough high blood pressure
  4. Can work as a choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic
  5. Does not allow to develop oncological neoplasms
  6. Improves the functioning of the respiratory system
  7. It acts as an antihelminthic and antiseptic agent
  8. Improves blood circulation in the brain
  9. It is considered wound-healing and anesthetic
US scientists have already proved that green garlicIs able to destroy glioblastoma cells. This is a non-treatable brain tumor. Preparations created on the basis of green garlic, excellently coped with the destruction of malignant cancer cells.

Where can I find fresh green garlic?
Prepare a common ground. In the store, buy garlic, it is better with the already sprouted sprouts. Dividing the head on the teeth, plant them in the ground. Put the container in a warm and fairly bright place, watering should be moderate. In a week you can already eat young green garlic. It must be cut with a knife and immediately put in a salad or other dish. Sprinkle the boiled potatoes with finely chopped garlic. Believe me, this dish will absolutely everyone to taste. Bon Appetit!
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