/ How to get rid of sleepiness?

How to get rid of sleepiness?

What to do?
To overcome a drowsy condition in the morning, someoneTries to drink a cup of very strong coffee, someone does morning exercises. It also gives a contrast shower. But you can listen to the following recommendations.

Daily regime. It must be observed. Teach yourself to go to bed and wake up at the same hours of the day. A drowsy state can appear when the schedule of a person with his biorhythms does not match. Try changing the mode time to half an hour. There is a statement that this will positively affect well-being. Morning will be cheerful and kind for you.

Physical activity. Do not be lazy, every morning you spend some timeFor morning exercises. This will give a burst of strength and energy, improve concentration of attention. Charge can be preferred to a morning run. Move to the place of work on the transport with a walk or take a bicycle. After morning exercises, you must take a refreshing shower. It is desirable to take a contrast shower. It improves blood circulation well, gives a feeling of lightness, gives strength.

Clean and fresh air. Remember the mandatory ventilation of the room in which you work during the day. This must be done in the bedroom before going to bed. Clean air is also a guarantee of your health.

Diet. You will be cheerful and active and correctfood. Eat small portions. Food should not be oily and heavy. Overeating will make you listless, inactive. Eat often, but in small portions. For snacks, you can bring fruit or nuts to your office. Very good green apples and dried apricots. Give you the vitality contained in them vitamins and trace elements.

Vitamins. They should not be forgotten especially in the spring and autumn. Of food, a sufficient number of them can not be obtained. Drowsiness and lethargy is a manifestation of seasonal vitamin deficiency. Vitamin complexes can be selected for themselves in any pharmacy.

Medications. Daytime sleepiness is caused by drugs. These include sedatives (hypnotics) drugs. They are often taken without a doctor's supervision, sold without a prescription. The hypnotic effect is given by drugs with antihistamine supplements. They cope well with a cold, but one pill will help you fall asleep even behind the wheel. Tablets from cough contain codeine. It also causes lethargy and drowsiness.

Recreation. Line up your day so that there isThe opportunity to rest a little, remove fatigue. Sleep during the day can improve the body's psychophysical state, nervousness and aggression will go away, the percentage of the hormone of joy will increase. Scientists advise to sleep in the afternoon to two hours.

If the above recommendations do not help,Then you need to see a doctor. After all, drowsiness may suggest that some malfunctions begin in the body. Drowsiness is a sign of diabetes and depression, anemia and hypotension. And only an expert, based on the results of tests, can recognize the onset of a serious illness.

By following these simple recommendations, you can quicklyGive your body strength, become more active and much more spirited. This will increase your mood and efficiency, you will perform all your tasks quickly and joyfully. Be healthy!
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