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Effective methods for treating colds on the lips at home: recipes and tips

How to Cure Herpes at Home

  1. Raspberries

    Raspberry, or rather, herBranches. Take twigs and crush them into small pieces. You should get a mess that should be applied to the lips, about forty minutes. After the product can be rinsed with warm water.

  2. Hot Spoon

    To quickly overcome the ailment, useRegular tablespoon. Brew strong tea, pour it with boiling water and throw a spoon there. Then attach it to herpes. The procedure will be painful, but effective.

  3. Leaves of lemon balm.

    Pour a little alcohol into the glass and mix with the leaves. Wait three days for the remedy to turn into a tincture. Next, attach to the lips.

  4. Toothpaste

    The next recipe is the usual toothpaste. Just apply it on the lips, slightly smeared with fingers or a brush. The procedure is best done at night.

  5. Garlic

    Take two cloves of garlic. Grind them into small pieces. Add to them two spoons of yogurt and coffee. Next, put to the mixture three tablespoons of flour and a teaspoon of honey. Stir. Apply to lips.

  6. Soda

    Pour the water into the glass, filling it halfway. Preheat. Next, put a spoonful of soda into the glass. Stir. Take a tampon and heat it in hot water. Attach a swab to herpes.

  7. Fir

    Fir oil perfectly helps to overcome herpes. There is nothing complicated here. Just apply fir oil to the wound. Lubricate every three hours.

  8. Herbs

    Take the root of licorice, chamomile, rhizomesPenny and roots of aralia. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl. Pour the mixture with hot water and cover. The solution should be infused for two days. After, swab, apply the product on the lips.

  9. Celandine

    You will need a celandine grass. Punch her through a meat grinder and squeeze out the juice. That's exactly what we need. Pour the juice into the bottle, close the lid and leave for a few days. After fermentation, open to release gases. The cold should be lubricated with juice for three hours in a row, doing breaks for five to seven minutes. Herpes should pass for two days.

If you have tried all the home remedies, but the cold on your lips does not go away, we advise you to see a doctor.

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