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Harmful foods

So, the most harmful products, which we must remember to minimize as much as possible their application:

One of the most harmful products recognized mayonnaise. Almost every day we use it, and inHolidays in excessive quantities are consumed and the consequences are not thought out. Various additives and preservatives added to mayonnaise are very harmful. We are disturbed by the metabolism and destroys a healthy microflora in the digestive system.

Chips and french fries. Adding various spices to potatoes and chips in large amounts is very harmful for the liver and stomach. And the oil, in which they fry, secrete carcinogens.

In the hot season or just in everyday life, we try to quench our thirst with various drinks. Often use Sweet-water. And how not to give your child this drinkDelicious? Sweet-gas water contains many dyes and an excessive amount of sugar. The dyes corrode the gastric mucosa and can lead to gastritis and ulcers. A surplus of sugar to diabetes.

Going to any grocery store, we do not pass by Sausages and sausages. Especially their large assortment is packed in tetrapacks. Where is the guarantee that there is no soy, hidden fats and genetically modified raw materials?

But how can you do without Different sauces? After all, they give a piquancy to the preparedDish. All harmful substances, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers lead to diseases of the digestive system, the urinary system, the formation of kidney stones. Try to reduce the use of sauces or prepare them at home from natural products.

We can not pass by Instant food and broth cubes!! These products try not to eat at all.

All lovers of sweet need to know thatChocolate bars, wafers, chewing gum and bright lollipops are very harmful. They are stuffed with GMOs, flavors, emulsifiers, chemical additives. In these products, the caloric content is off scale.

Since childhood, our grandmothers and mothers have instilled love for milk. They told us how useful it is. And now you can not say anything about this store product. Shop milk, yogurts, ice cream Contain:Stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives, which absolutely do not affect positively on our organism. In yogurt, useful bacteria can live two days. And thanks to all these add-ons they are stored much longer. Good milk is one that has a shelf life of 2-3 days. The rest is harmful and not useful. We love ice cream since childhood. But the current additives greatly influence the metabolism.

Canned food - these are products that have undergone intensive processing, and in which there is already nothing alive, useful and vitamin. Add in them a lot of preservatives and genetically modified raw materials.

Do not Mess With Salt And Sugar. Reduce the consumption of coffee and energy drinks, and be careful with alcohol.

Adhere to healthy food, lead a healthy lifestyle, and you will gain strength of mind, as folk wisdom says: In a healthy teleozdevy spirit!

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