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The most effective ways to treat colds on the lips: simple recipes, tips

Why does the cold appear on my lips?

Let's see why the cold appears on our lips. As a rule, the fault is stresses, sedentary lifestyle, lack of vitamins in food and chronic diseases.

By the way, you knew that according to statistics, 90% of the populationAre the lands infected with the herpes virus? So the problem is really serious. To prevent the disease, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially in the winter, play sports and avoid stressful situations.

Ways to get rid of colds on the lips

The easiest way to get rid of herpes isSpecial cream containing antiviral drugs. The course of treatment is five days. Every day smear your lips with cream about five times a day. Do not open the bubbles. Also you can buy one flakonchik tsikloferona. Excellent helps from the ailment and ointment "Flucinar". Take in the pharmacy vitamins to maintain immunity. Vitamin E. is useful.

Fighting colds on the lips can be not only with the help of pills and ointments, but also in folk ways. We will now describe them.

So, if you have bubbles, take iceFrom the refrigerator. Wrap it in a handkerchief and attach it to your lips. The next method is the leaves of lemon balm. Pour a little alcohol into the glass and mix with the leaves. Wait three days for the remedy to turn into a tincture. Next, attach to the lips. Regular tea can also help. Brew strong tea, pour it with boiling water and dip a spoon into it. When the spoon heats up, attach it to herpes. Do this twice a day.

Surely you did not know that even an egg-shellWill help get rid of the disease. Stick it on herpes, detaching it from the inside of the shell. The next recipe is the usual toothpaste. Just apply it on the lips, slightly smeared with fingers or a brush. The procedure is best done at night. Will help you and potatoes. Eat it as much as possible. The fact is that this product contains substances that cope with the disease and defeat the virus.

And here's another effective recipe. Take two cloves of garlic. Grind them into small pieces. Add to them two spoons of yogurt and coffee. Next, put to the mixture three tablespoons of flour and a teaspoon of honey. Stir. Apply to lips. And, of course, an indispensable assistant will be soda. Pour water into the glass, filling it half. Preheat. Next, put a spoonful of soda into the glass. Stir. Take a tampon and heat it in hot water. Attach a swab to herpes.

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