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Straight posture and your health

It is well known that a healthy spine servesThe basis for the well-being of all organs of the body as a whole, and accordingly the correct, even posture is the basis of good health. Taking care of your posture, you will provide yourself with a beautiful walk, prevent spine diseases, ensure the correct location of the internal organs and excellent health.

Brag of today's posture can onlyAthletes, gymnasts and dancers, and most people often have back problems, discomfort throughout the day, pain, etc. If you are not quite happy with your posture, or if you have unpleasant sensations in your lower back or other parts of your back from time to time, It is necessary to include in the daily routine of sports activities, constantly monitor yourself and perform a few simple recommendations. Very often, the curvature of the spine occurs at an early age, when parents and teachers do not follow the way rhabenoxidite, walks and stands. If the muscles of the back do not train, they gradually become flabby and can not hold the spine exactly. Because of what the pain in the lower back, weakened muscles of the hips and calves, and also hangs the animal. All this leads to problems in the digestive, cardiovascular nervous systems. Avoid all these troubles can be due to the correct osanke, which should be taught the child from an early age. In detstvennomnogo easier to correct the wrong position of the spine.

Today, many people face constant workAt the computer, if this also applies to you, you should regularly monitor how you sit, place the monitor at eye level and keep the posture smoothly. While walking, pay attention to the position of the body, shoulders should always be straightened, the stomach is drawn in, and the back is straight. Try to get rid of the habit of constantly looking at the feet, from this it suffers not only the neck and spine, but also the appearance. When watching TV, read, eat, do not forget about the posture, during the rest sit in the lotus position, it will not allow you to stoop. If you feel discomfort, you can put a small pillow between the loin and the back of the chair first, it can take a natural bend, and the muscles will hold the correct posture.

To correct and improve the position of the back will helpSimple exercises that can be performed both at home and in the gym. Approach the flat wall and press your back to it, so that the heels, calves, buttocks, scapula and occiput touch the wall. Stand in this position for several minutes, zatemotoydite from the wall and trying to hold the position you take, walk around.

If you find it difficult to keep your posture, useChecked and mainstream ancient way, put a book on your head. Walk around, poprisedayte, make flies with your feet and hands and try not to drop the book. For the beginning it will be difficult, but soon you will notice the first positive results. Exercises with a gymnastic stick also have a positive effect on the back muscles, make deflections, lunges, pull on the crossbar and the positive results will not keep you waiting.

The benefits of exercise will only be if you do them regularly, control your body, and for this will thank you with beauty and health.

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