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Pneumonia: treatment and prevention

Pneumonia (pneumonia) - inflammation of the lung tissue, accompanied by damage to the alveoli and lung tissue.

There are a number of factors in the human body that contribute to the development of infection:
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Weakened immunity;
  • Chronic bronchitis;
  • The impact of environmental factors on the respiratory system;
  • Alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • Prolonged bed rest;
  • elderly age.
Symptoms of pneumonia
Common symptoms include muscle and headPain, fever, increased fatigue, decreased appetite, weakness. The main symptom of pneumonia, he usually worries the patient, this cough accompanied by phlegm.

Shared pneumonia arises sharply. The first symptom is a high fever, which is accompanied by chills. In the future, a cough with sputum and blood impurities is added. After a week, the manifestations of coughing decrease. Patients are often concerned about pain in the chest area.

Diagnosis of pneumonia
As a diagnostic, different methods are used. They include research:
  • Sputum culture;
  • Gas composition of blood;
  • Sputum under a microscope with a Gram stain;
  • A general blood test;
  • Biochemical blood analysis;
  • Chest x-ray.
Pneumonia: prevention and treatment
Once the doctor has diagnosed, theTreatment of pneumonia. Treatment of mild forms of pneumonia is allowed at home. In this case, you must strictly observe bed rest. Excludes visits to the clinic. Only in the case of an average and severe course of the disease and if a patient over 60 years old needs urgent hospitalization.

For the prevention of pneumonia, you need:
  • Abstain from alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • Avoid contact with people with colds or flu;
  • If you do not have immunity to chickenpox and measles, do not contact the carriers of these diseases;
  • Should not be supercooled and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Treatment of pneumonia with the help of traditional medicine methods
The main method of therapy is medicationtreatment. Together with taking pills, you should treat pneumonia with the help of folk recipes, herbal infusions, which are aimed at increasing the productivity of cough, strengthening immunity.

For all diseases it is useful to drinkMultivitamin preparations; If the patient has pneumonia, immunostimulating herbs should be consumed - mint, thyme, oregano, black currant, cowberry leaves, raspberry, dog rose and others.

If pneumonia passes with a dry cough, then you should use infusions of mother-and-stepmother, oregano, licorice root or althea. Decoctions take every three hours for 2 tablespoons.

If the sputum is very dense, it is liquefied byHelp the teas from the Siberian wasteland and add buds of pine, leaves of plantain, violets. Fresh juices that have stimulating protective forces and have an expectorant effect, black radish juice mixed with liquid honey, onion juice with sugar, natural cherry juice.

To increase immunity take before meals onA spoonful of a mixture of butter and propolis. If after the pneumonia the patient began to recover, it is possible to do inhalations with decoction of birch buds, eucalyptus leaves.

Severe pneumonia needs supportThe body, you need to drink a decoction of oats on milk. Eliminate the inflammatory processes after pneumonia, to accelerate the resorption of the foci will help the absorbing paste: walnut kernels, lemons, aloe scroll in a meat grinder, mix with creamy warm oil, Cahors, honey. Mix everything and put it in the fridge, take this paste an hour before meals, take three times a day. The mixture is used when it is necessary to prevent pneumonia.
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