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Climax. Its stages and definition of the beginning

Stages of menopause
Exist Three main stages Climacteric period:

Premenopause. This is the time until the last menstruation. It happens usually after 45-52 years. The duration of this stage is from 12 to 18 months. During this period, the functions of the ovaries are gradually fading, ovulation stops, problems with conception arise. But your vigilance can not be put to sleep. It is necessary to be protected. The intervals between menstruation will increase, their duration will decrease, less blood loss. This period lasts until the last menstrual period.

All women suffer this syndrome in their own way. A sudden headache, a feeling of heat, blush from which face and neck (tides). The condition is not very long (from 1 to 3 minutes). More often there are hot flashes in the evening. Heart palpitations, increased fatigue and problems with urination may increase. Sexual activity will decrease, the mucous membranes of the vagina will become dry. The duration of the tides is on average from one to five years.

During premenopause, the number of female genitalHormones decreases. This is estrogen and progesterone. But there is an increase in FGS. This is follicle-stimulating hormone. A decrease in male sex hormones, also present in the body of a woman, is gradual. May even occur their predominance, which will lead to an increase in body weight very quickly (up to 8 kg) and for a short period. But getting rid of excess weight will be very difficult.

Menopause. Lasts for the year following the last menstrual period. At this time there is a significant jump in FSH, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity develop. Do not be excluded and heart problems.

Postmenopause. Comes immediately after the termination of menstruation(Last) in 12 months. During this period, the level of FSH will also be elevated in urine and blood. This is confirmed by laboratory tests. But all the symptoms of menopause will fade.

How to determine the onset of menopause?
The onset of the climacteric periodIndividually for every woman. Therefore, the best option is to contact the doctor. The gynecologist-endocrinologist will competently answer all questions. A woman should visit a doctor not only during the onset of menopause, but every six months (regardless of age).

But, as a rule, women in menopauseThe period is still working. And it is difficult to choose time for consultation with a doctor. In this case, the onset of menopause can be determined at home. Modern traditional medicine recommends that women use tests that show an increase in FSH levels in the urine.

When should I test?
The FSH value changes during the cycle. It is necessary to conduct two tests, the interval is 7 days. If the results of the three tests are positive, then the premenopause has come. It's time to go to the gynecologist's appointment. But the fluctuations of FSH are of an individual character!

Evaluation of the result
If symptoms of menopause are present, and the result is negative, then the test should be repeated regularly (two months later).

With absent symptoms and negative test results, a second check should be performed no earlier than six months or a year.

It happens that one test will showPositive, and the other negative, do not panic. This is normal, because the level of FSH is constantly fluctuating. Repeat the test after a while, two months later.

Most women are very afraid of menopause. And this is understandable. It is not known what awaits them in the future. After all, in the climacteric period will be a new state of the body, the restructuring of its hormonal background. The lifestyle that has become so common for many years will change. Therefore, in the elderly it is necessary to approach the solution of all the problems of this rather complicated period very competently, to correct the problems that arise. Seek help or advice from qualified personnel.
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