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Calendar of the diet for March 2014: lose weight correctly

We recommend to spend unloading days 2,12-13, 15-18,25-26, March 29. These auspicious days fit perfectly. But 5-6, 10-11, 23Marta should not be unloaded. This can adversely affect your health, and you will only aggravate your condition.

Now you will know what to eat inA certain date of the month, so as not to get better and throw off excess fat. If you follow the calendar of the diet, then at the end of the month you will see an excellent result. Good luck!

March "thin ones"

March 1. It is not recommended to eat rough food,Which overloads your stomach. Today you should eat fresh vegetables and fruits. It is desirable that they are of local origin. Give up all fatty. You can pamper yourself sweet, but in small quantities. It is not necessary to go in for sports today, rest on the first day of spring, take a walk in the fresh air.

2-3 March. These days it is necessary to refrain from anySpecimens. And also take care of your health! No alcohol and smoking. Especially if you are an avid smoker, this can negatively affect your figure. Harmful habits will harm your health, especially these days. Eat small amounts of caloric food. You need energy. It is best to choose for yourself a fractional mode. You can pamper yourself with nuts and dried fruits.

4-6 March. Carefully consider your diet. If there are foods that may be bad for your stomach, then give them up. Do not experiment. Eat more fresh vegetables. It is very useful these days to drink herbal teas and decoctions. Give your preference to chamomile tea with melissa. Tecto are engaged in sports, should not yet introduce new exercises into their program. This can lead to an overload of the body.

7-8 March. If you want to keep your health and notGet better, then you should give up this period from eggs and meat products. Now this food is too heavy for your organism, include berries, fruits and herbal teas in your diet. They will help your digestive tract. If you are going to a fitness club, then give up strength training. Take meditation or yoga.

9-11 March. Start your morning with a delicious and fragrant cereal. It will give you energy and will recharge your body for the whole day. Now you can afford high-calorie meals and food. Go in for sports, now you can not skip your training. But train without fanaticism. You can overestimate your abilities.

March 12-13. It is advisable to include in your menu moreVegetables, fruits and cereals. It is recommended to consume seafood. It is best to eat this period of shrimp and squid. In this period you can afford to eat exotic dishes, so enjoy. It's a great time to start playing sports. Try to do aerobics or fitness.

March 14-16. It is necessary to refuse all drinks, inWhich includes caffeine and alcohol. All these harmful components will negatively affect your health and your figure. Therefore, only fresh food or susceptible to minimal heat treatment should be used. Simmer the products with the minimum amount of vegetable oil. It is better if you use a steamer. Do not starve and make long breaks between eating meals. Give preference to fractional food.

17-18 March. Today you can relax a bit andTaste the forbidden fruit. You can eat high-calorie foods, even if it is fatty. Harm is minimal. During this time, you can afford a little "harmfulness". Enter the diet of different types of nuts, they are now extremely useful for the body. It is worthwhile to do various kinds of sports, pay attention to stretching. You can make a run, it will "wake" the body from hibernation.

19-20 March. Your body is now very susceptible toTo all products. It's very easy to poison yourself. So be careful, see what you eat, so you can hurt yourself. It is not necessary to eat poultry and other species. All products must be fresh. Positively on the body can affect meditation. Do not strain your body with physical exertion these days.

March 21-22. It is not advisable to eat poultry meat. But otgovyaniny not worth giving up. It should not be oily, so choose the yam with the mind. Observe the mode of your training. If you run into your laziness, you need to drive it away. Enough lying on the couch, go to the gym nazanie. Fight laziness, otherwise it will be even harder to start sports.

March 23-25. A huge benefit will bring the bodyAny dairy and dairy products, but refuse meat. It can negatively affect you, as well as become the causative agent of a "brutal" appetite. You must keep yourself in hand and not break. If you feel hungry, then eat the fruit. Eat a little, and then you will not have problems.

March 26-27. During this period, it is strictly forbiddenThere are seafood, mushrooms and even meat. Discard these products. The organism can negatively perceive such food. And on a figure it will badly affect. Now you can spend a day off. It will pass easily for your body. If you are still practicing unloading days, then refuse this time from physical loads. Prepare yourself in advance.

March 28-29. It is worth including in the diet variousSpices that help you lose weight. It is desirable that among the spices there was cardamom, pepper, turmeric, etc. For lunch, you must eat light soup, but it should not be rich. It's better if it's a vegetable decoction. You can add a little bit of yam, but not greasy. Refuse any alcohol during this period. The maximum that you can drink is a glass of red wine. It is useful now to do cardiovascular work and do stretching.

March 30-31. Dangerous for the body in the last days of the monthbinge eating. This can be detrimental to the whole body and to the figure. It is better not to eat than to overeat. You can not overload your stomach, then it will pour sideways. Refuse the coffee, because of it, the pressure may jump. You can treat yourself to the taste, but not fast food. Eliminate all harmful food. Listen to your body.

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