/ How and how to bring down the temperature of an adult. A fever without signs of a cold, what is it?

How and how to bring down the temperature of an adult. A fever without signs of a cold, what is it?

How to lower the temperature of an adult?

There are several effective and proven methods for knocking down the temperature of an adult:

  1. Discard a common method, as if a heapBlankets and warm clothes, in which the person wraps, will contribute to the rapid reduction of the heat. Rather, on the contrary - it is possible to raise it and dehydrate the body as a result of the loss of fluid that will come out with sweat. A light enough blanket and clothes, a room with a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, so that the impact of heat does not interfere with the body;
  2. Drink as much as possible of ordinary water without sugar - this will restore the water balance;
  3. If the thermometer exceeds 40 C, it is recommendedCollect warm, but not hot, water and lie down in it. It is necessary to stay in the liquid for about 20-30 minutes, rubbing yourself with a washcloth for better circulation. Probably, in 1-2 hours again there will be growth of degrees of a body - then repeat all anew;
  4. A mixture of water and vinegar (5 to 1), mashed toSkin, starting from the forehead and ending with the feet, palms, hands - really helps. For a while this will reduce the heat. The procedure should be repeated every couple of hours;
  5. Compress of mint broth, along with vinegar -Great for knocking down the temperature of an adult. Small towels should be soaked in a broth, squeeze almost dry and put on the forehead, the groin, wrists and whiskey area, changing every 15 minutes.

Antipyretics at high temperature in adults

When the usual methods of lowering the temperature in an adult with compresses and baths do not give the proper result, one can resort to the use of antipyretic drugs, that is, tablets:

  1. Medicines such as paracetamol and its analogs are a good way to reduce body temperature. The main thing is to observe the correct proportions, about 15 mg of medicine per kilogram of weight;
  2. Ibuklin contains in its composition the same paracetamol. Plus the medicine is that it is well tolerated by most people and has no serious contraindications;
  3. Coldrex is also the main component in it paracetamol, but is available in both powder form and tablets. The tablets contain more caffeine and terpinhydrate.

In general, everything is based on paracetamol,So you can not invent and do not overpay, buying a cheap and effective means - the rest is, for the most part, fictions of advertising managers of companies that produce medicines.

Antibiotics at high temperature in an adult - should I take it?

Antibiotics do not fight with heat, but serveDirectly for the treatment of bacterial forms of the disease. Independently to drink such tablets - to risk to undermine to itself health. Be sure to consult a doctor and determine the cause, then start taking the medication.

What if the heat does not get off in an adult?

If you have tried all the traditional methods,Drank even antipyretic drugs containing paracetamol and still it did not work, then, of course, you do not need to sit further at home, experimenting with your body - call the doctor immediately.

Reduce the body temperature in an adult immediately,After you find it, do not. Most experienced healers will say that in this way the body tries to fight on its own, without the help of any medications. It's another matter if during 4 to 6 days the fever does not subside and you get worse. Then you should consult a doctor for qualified help.

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