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The main signs of genital herpes in women and recommendations for its effective treatment.

Causes of genital herpes in women

Physicians identified three main causes, because of which there is a disease. These are the so-called risk factors, which cause an unpleasant rash. So, diseases are susceptible to people:

  1. At which low immunity. In consequence of a decrease in immunity due to hypothermia, hormonal treatment or antibiotics. The "sleeping" virus that sits in most of us simply goes into an active stage, since our immune system is no longer able to contain it;
  2. Who are engaged in promiscuous sex. One of the main reasons why there is herpes on the floor. Women's bodies - untested partners;
  3. Neglected methods of contraception. Of course, neglecting such a contraceptive as a condom will significantly increase the risk of the disease.

How does genital herpes manifest in women?

It should be noted that without a specialAnalysis, you can not find out whether there is a virus in your body or not, because it does not manifest itself in sleep mode, but the active phase is accompanied by the following manifestations:

  1. Small bubbles of a reddish hue with grayishLiquid inside, which appear from the outer and inner sides. They can be seen around the anus, the perineum, the immediate on the genitals, the vagina. Often, small dots of herpes occur on the buttocks, cervix and urethra;
  2. The area of ​​the rash itches, burns, there are unpleasant painful sensations;
  3. When urinating, tingling and itching are observed;
  4. Lymph nodes in the groin area increased in size;
  5. General malaise of the body, fever, muscle pain.

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All this, signs of illness in whichIt is recommended that you immediately contact an experienced gynecologist and take tests for virological examination. Keep in mind that similar symptoms are characteristic of other sexual diseases, so it is important how to conduct an examination and prescribe an effective treatment.

Complications caused by genital herpes in women, in the absence of proper treatment

In the event that you do not treat the disease, one of the unfavorable outcomes listed below is likely:

  1. Symptoms of the disease will last for several months - itching, pain and burning will follow you, limiting your actions;
  2. Relatively high probability of infecting a partner;
  3. Further spread of the disease to other parts of the body;
  4. The probability of cancer tumors in the cervix increases;
  5. When practicing oral sex, you can get cheilitis or stomatitis, pharyngitis;
  6. The most lamentable outcome can be the defeat of internal organs, which happens rarely, but still.

How to treat genital herpes in women?

Complete victory over the herpes virus you will not win,But to eliminate the symptoms and limit the further manifestation of the disease can be. For this, there is a drug developed by American specialists - acyclovir or, in another way, zovirax. As a result of the invention of this drug, even the Nobel Prize was awarded in 1988. In our time there are a dozen analogs, similar in effect.

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In any case, the purpose of the drug andFollow-up treatment should be done under the strict supervision of a physician. Do not be averse to suggestions on the Internet of medicines that allow you to completely get rid of the herpes virus in women - it is currently impossible. Be wary of drugs, which have "miracle properties." Remember: the treatment of genital herpes in a woman is a relatively long procedure and it is impossible to get rid of the disease in one fell swoop. Be healthy!

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