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Description of the triad, the reviews of the parasitologist and patients

Composition of Trojka Evalar

Let's start with what is still included in the trilogy of Evalar:

  1. Extract of bitter wormwood;
  2. Carnation extract;
  3. Extract of ordinary tansy.

What is useful for each of these plants?

Bitter wormwood is one of the oldest preparations,Which was used even in the times of Kievan Rus. According to research scientists, due to its irritating taste receptors effect, enhances the secretion of glands of the gastrointestinal tract. Indeed, it is useful in parasitic diseases, helping to "drive" some of the harmful microorganisms out of us, among them the infamous chlamydia that is present in the majority of the world's population. In addition, the plant is prescribed and a beneficial effect on the outflow of bile.

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Carnation buds - have similar properties in their parameters, as bitter wormwood, fights with pathogenic microorganisms, is considered a natural antiseptic.

Tansy is a plant of anthelmintic action, like cloves and wormwood, and is used in medicine to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.

Based on this, we can assume that the companyEvalar about the properties of these plants and their dietary supplements "Trojchatka" did not lie to consumers, honestly indicating and so all the known properties of traditional plants used in medicine for centuries.

Instruction for the application of "Trileka Evalar"

The company itself recommends using its miracle pills in two ways:

    1st method - for adults and children from 12 years 3 times a day for 2 capsules for 6-8 weeks (for treatment of parasites);

    2nd method - 2 tablets to drink once the first day, on the second day - 2 times 2 capsules, then, for 9 days, drink 3 tablets 2 times a day (for prevention).

How did Evalar's specialists calculate the methods of admissionA mystery covered in darkness. Apparently, everything is related to the number of capsules that are recommended for ingestion. That in the first, that in the second case we will have to give money for a couple of packages.

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Moreover, pay attention to the fact that in the newBatches of tablets there is no such ingredient as wormwood - it is replaced by bark of aspen, which according to the manufacturer has a similar effect. On the question - why was replaced, the answer - Rospotrebnadzor introduced wormwood to the list, which prohibits its use in dietary supplements.

Reviews of patients and parasitologists about Treychatka Evalar

Patients in practice are ambiguous aboutBAD. Someone says that it helped, but someone else. Well, what to take from them? People are divided into doubting beings and those who believe everything that they say on TV or write on the web. Here are the opinions of professional parasitologists and experienced doctors about Treychatka Evalar in many respects converge, and if you consolidate all the information, you will get the following:

  1. Truvalchka Evalar is not a cure, as many people think. This is a dietary supplement, which is harmless and even carries a certain preventive benefit, no more;
  2. Trojchka - a divorce for the naive, because in its compositionExcept for plants there is nothing. Go to the nearest pharmacy, buy the same herbs and brew tea from them. It will be several times cheaper. In addition, hot herbal tea will be more effective than capsules;
  3. If you suspect a parasite in your bodyyou do not need to run after buying a dietary supplement, but go to a doctor who will prescribe medications. And you can drink Troychatka at least for the rest of your life, there really is a benefit from it, but of a completely different nature - preventive.

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As you can see, reviews of patients, and parasitologists aboutTrojteke to some extent coincide. Do not spend your money on dietary supplements, having overpaid several times for a beautiful package. Go to the pharmacy and buy herbs, brew tea, the effect will be even better. Be healthy!

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