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What to do with severe pain with menstruation?

These factors include the abundance or,Conversely, the scarcity of menstruation, its absence and soreness. Since, most often, a woman is concerned about pain during menstruation, in today's publication we will talk about how to solve this literally sore point. First, let's define what can cause pain during menstruation.

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The main factors that lead to painful menstruation

The most common cause of painful periodsMedicine is referred to as algomenorrhea) becomes a violation of the hormonal background or features of the organism itself. Before menstruation, the level of progesterone rises sharply, which in response is not only for our decadent mood, but also for the soreness of the pelvic organs. It can also be a violation or even serious inflammatory diseases of the woman's reproductive system. Therefore, if the pain is of a non-permanent nature and occurs from time to time, we recommend that you contact a gynecologist.

The cause of soreness of the bottom of the abdomen may also be recently transferred stress, which also affects the hormonal picture.

Very often, women suffer from pain with menstruation who use intrauterine contraceptives or have ever done an abortion.

Before you start on your ownTreatment, all are strongly advised to visit your doctor, since neglected diseases can not only lead to infertility, but also lead to death.

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Methods to eliminate severe pain with menstruation

If you are concerned about the symptoms of algomenorrhoea,First of all, we recommend that you exclude from your diet all fatty, sharp and smoked foods. Alcohol during this period is also unacceptable. Try to bathe in warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 42 degrees. Strongly hot water can not only increase pain, but also significantly increase bloody discharge.

In the period three days before the onset of menstruation and inThe first two days of its course, we recommend every morning to drink chamomile broth, which positively affects the inflammatory processes. In case of severe pain, it makes sense to take an anesthetic. For example, it could be Nurofen or Tamipul. Before using, be sure to read the instructions.

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We gave the most basic reasons for the emergencePain with menstruation and the most effective methods of their elimination. But advice is advice, and going to the doctor is mandatory. It is best to go through a complete examination of the pelvic organs and determine the state of the hormonal background. Be healthy!

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