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Tips and advice on the treatment of calluses and corns

Means from dry calluses and corns

As a rule, the corns are formed in the heel areaAnd on the skin near the fingers, often affecting the big toe, forming a so-called corn with a stem, if a foreign object or infection gets into the wound.

Here is the corn with the stem on the photo

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It is important to know that such skin lesions are veryAre distributed, and therefore there is a wide range of various ointments, creams and other products. More about ointments and creams we'll talk below, giving specific examples and names, but here we will tell you the general points, thanks to which you will choose the best treatment option.

What is included in the preparation?

The main component of all treatmentsCorns are salicylic acid. Due to its impact on the damaged area, the honeycomb is softened and after a couple of days it is removed by pumice. You can use and folk methods, which in this case are also effective:

  • Foot bath with soap and soda. They are taken within half an hour, after which the skin is scraped off and a moisturizing cream is applied;
  • Bath with potassium permanganate and salt - helps with pain, significantly reducing them;
  • Wrap the grated potatoes with gauze and tie it to the leg so that it touches the corn.

It is desirable to make such a lotion at night.

Ointment from corns and calluses. Examples of good tools

To resort to folk methods of treatment is not alwaysIt is convenient and, frankly speaking, not as effective as to use special ointments and without extra "dancing with tambourines" to rid yourself of annoying narytostey.

Here are some excellent ointments:

  1. Salicylic ointment is one of the cheapest andEffective means. The name was obtained due to the presence of the main component - salicylic acid, killing microbes, drying out the area of ​​damaged skin and relieving inflammation. The price is within 1 $;
  2. Ointment "Antimozolin" or "Super Antimozolin" -Slightly more expensive product, due to the fact that in addition to salicylic acid contains a whole composition of moisturizing and softening components. Efficiency is also at an altitude, but the price is within $ 2;
  3. "Bensalitin" and antimosol preparation "5 days" - have a similar structure of components, as "Antimozolin", the same principle of action. Both of them stand within $ 1.5.

All these ointments - excellent help in solvingProblems, they are positively responded by people. Therefore, if there is a pharmacy nearby - go and find out if such products are available to them. If not, ask for any remedy, where the composition contains salicylic acid.

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Creams and balms from calluses and corns

In addition to the direct treatment of dry corns andNapotypes do not forget to treat the skin on damaged areas with balms and creams. Any everyday tool with oils will do. Ideally, if there is an extract of milk and thiourea - they have a good anti-inflammatory effect, soften the skin and promote faster healing. In addition, it is recommended to use fir oil, which forms a barrier against bacteria and other microorganisms and protect the skin on the feet from stimuli, which cause complications.

Caring for your feet, wear comfortableShoes, socks according to size or systematically use balms and creams of preventive action. Then, the treatment of dry calluses with the stem and other types of corns can easily be avoided.

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