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What are the reasons for the delay in menstruation?

Factors causing delay of monthly

If the test for pregnancy showedNegative result, you should seriously think about your health. After all, if you do not take into account the "interesting situation", then these symptoms indicate that you have either broken the hormonal balance, or the inflammatory process in the pelvic organs began.

First of all, you need to visit a doctor forEstablishing an accurate diagnosis. In most cases, the disease is actually detected by visual inspection. Sometimes you need to pass an ultrasound diagnosis or the delivery of tests for hormones. Particular attention should be paid to the analysis of testosterone, since it is this male sex hormone that can block the activity of the ovaries, thereby stopping menstruation and causing the growth of the cyst.

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Do not neglect your emotionalBecause long-term stress and depression can cause this syndrome. What can I say, the usual excitement before the exam or a meeting can postpone the arrival of "these days" for a whole month. Therefore, try to take a sedative on a grassy basis in a period of severe shocks or experiences.

Also important is how you dressIn cool or frosty weather. Beauty is beauty, but the harsh truth of life suggests that infertile girls turn out to be of little use. Therefore, do not hesitate to put warm pantyhose or leggings in the frost. Give up jackets that do not cover your lower back, even if they are from the latest squeak of fashion.

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Methods of treatment of delayed menstruation at home

After we decided on the main reasons for delaying menstruation, it would not hurt to talk about how this intimate problem is treated.

The best tool that helps withTreatment and prevention of most of the female diseases is the infusion of the uterus by a hog. The fact is that this plant contains a large number of phytoestrogens (natural analogues of the female hormone), which are able to successfully treat many reproductive system disorders, including this one. Take it as per instructions.

The second method of treatment, which has been tested yetThe generation of our grandmothers is a decoction of chamomile. This tool will suit you perfectly if the cause of the menstrual cycle is inflammation of the ovaries or appendages. Drink this broth every morning on an empty stomach.

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But still we warn that anyInitiative in matters relating to health is far from safe. So, first of all, sign up for an appointment with a gynecologist. Delay of menstruation is not an independent disease, but a manifestation of some other ailment, so we recommend that you identify it as early as possible. And finally: try to think positively and smile more, because it also depends on our well-being!

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