/ How to recognize the signs of vasculitis.

How to recognize the signs of vasculitis.

Secondary vasculitis arises as a result of pathologies in the body after the diseases that were transferred, which were associated with a violation of the immune system, after viral diseases.

As for subspecies, there are up to ten of them. Among them the most common: systemic, hemorrhagic, rheumatoid and cerebral species.

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Symptoms and Diagnosis

The main symptoms of vasculitis can be considered jumps in body temperature, skin lesions, vomiting, cough, fatigue, pallor.

Depending on the subspecies, distinguish different symptoms of the course of the disease.

  • Systemic - rash, skin necrosis, fever, loss of appetite
  • Hemorrhagic - skin rashes on the legs, pain of the joints of the lower extremities (mainly in children)
  • Rheumatoid - a lesion of the skin, the development of ulcers on the lower limbs. At the advanced stage, lesions of the nervous system, lungs, and heart (mainly in men who smoke)
  • Cerebral is the most dangerous of all types of vasculitis because it affects the brain. There are no external symptoms.

The consequences of vasculitis for the body can beVery different. It will depend on a variety of factors, such as age, body characteristics, the course and form of the disease. For example, if the disease affects the vessels of the brain, there is a chance of a stroke, a heart attack can occur when the blood vessels are damaged, etc. The most important thing in this disease is an adequate and timely diagnosis. Unfortunately, it should be noted that not many doctors diagnose vasculitis and often this disease is detected in advanced stages, and this can be dangerous for the patient's life.

The most informative way to diagnoseVasculitis are the immunological methods of research combined with a clinical blood test. Also it is necessary to do an x-ray and check the blood vessels. Decode the results should a specialist.

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Treatment of vasculitis

Treatment, like the symptoms, will depend on the typeLesions of blood vessels. Therefore, it is likely that several doctors will need to be observed, depending on the focus of the lesion. But the main application will be drugs that suppress the production of antibodies, immunity and multiplication of cells. Also can prescribe chemotherapy, however, in smaller doses than used for cancer patients. Positive dynamics are achieved with such methods of treatment as plasmapheresis and hemosorption. In addition, use drugs that prevent the formation of thrombi. As for folk methods of treatment, it is advised to use herbal preparations containing vitamin K, plants that have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Of berries - dog rose. Of the plants - nettle, St. John's wort, yarrow. Before proceeding to self-treatment, it is necessary to coordinate these methods with specialists.

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During treatment, it will not hurt to follow a diet. It is worth giving up alcohol, honey, chocolate, citrus, eggs, tea and coffee. You should eat boiled foods. And remember that timely detection of the disease significantly increases the life expectancy of the patient.

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