/ How to recognize low blood pressure and high heart rate.

How to recognize low blood pressure and high heart rate.


Can you determine your own hypotension?
Causes of low blood pressure and high heart rate
What should I take with low pressure high pulse?

A doctor can diagnose hypotension ifThe pressure is 20% below the set value. The norm is 120/80, but it should be noted that if the patient feels well under slightly reduced pressure, then this is a feature of the body and there is no reason to worry. However, if the numbers on the tonometer are lower than 90/60, then you should consult a specialist. Hypotension can cause oxygen starvation of the brain and internal organs. Therefore, timely diagnosis and proper treatment, selected by specialists, is very important.

Low blood pressure and high heart rate: what to do

Can you determine your own hypotension?

Independently determine the reduced pressurePerhaps, listen to yourself and if the following symptoms are present, consult a doctor immediately. So, under the reduced pressure, there are disturbances in sleep, irritability, drowsiness, general weakness, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate.

A rapid pulse is called tachycardia. It can be both temporary and not dangerous, and cause for concern. When the pulse rate increases after physical exertion or a recent emotional outburst, then do not worry, it soon normalizes. But if there are heart diseases, then a frequent pulse can be a beacon for visiting a specialist. As a rule, it is accompanied by nausea, weakness of the whole organism, dizziness, pain in the chest.

But special attention should be paid if there are low blood pressure and rapid heart rate at the same time.

Causes of low blood pressure and high heart rate

  • Pregnancy
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia (cardiovascular disease)
  • Blood loss
  • Traumatic or other types of shock
  • Thyroid gland diseases

Symptoms that accompany an increased heart rateAnd low blood pressure can be headaches, pain in the heart, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, fear. Also at such times a person can hear the sound of his heart and even count the number of beats per minute.

People who have a similar disease,Urgently need to turn to specialists, tk. With frequent heartbeat pumping blood is difficult, because of this blood is more difficult to come to different parts of the body.

What should I take with low pressure high pulse?

Treatment will depend on whatSuch changes in the body are provoked. Basically, drugs that slow the heart rate, simultaneously reduce blood pressure. Therefore, such deviations require constant attention and supervision of a specialist. They even recommend keeping a diary where pressure changes can be recorded. Very important in such cases is compliance with diet, lack of stress and physical activity. From the diet it is necessary to exclude coffee, alcohol, and smoking should also be forgotten.

The first help in the appearance of symptoms of highPulse at low pressure can become sweet tea and rest in a horizontal position. You can drink a tincture of motherwort, valocordin, valerian. But these drugs can not replace the main treatment and should be used in conjunction with drugs prescribed by specialists. Do not engage in self-medication, at the first sign, be sure to consult a specialist to identify the source of abnormalities!

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