/ / We treat inflammation of the lymph nodes: the causes, symptoms and methods of eliminating the disease.

We treat inflammation of the lymph nodes: the causes, symptoms and methods of eliminating the disease.

Scientific interpretation of disease

Inflammation of the lymph nodesInflammation of lymph nodes is a natural process,Infectious infection during colds. This is not surprising, since it is in these peripheral organs that biological filtration of components entering the circulatory system of the body occurs.

The reaction mechanism is simple: As soon as a pathogenic component enters the lymph node, lymphocytes begin to be produced, whose purpose is to eliminate harmful microorganisms. However, in certain cases, the concentration of foreign bodies in the circulatory system is so increased that white blood cells can not create a protective barrier. Then the number of lymphocytes is growing rapidly, which is outwardly expressed in the increase in nodes. Inflammation of the lymph nodes can be either under the jaw, on the head, in the groin, or behind the ear, under the arm or on the neck. At this time, the patient feels severe pain and redness of the skin in the infected areas. Thus, doctors can diagnose axillary, submaxillary, inguinal and cervical lymphadenitis.

Causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes

There are several reasons that provokeInflammatory processes of the lymphatic system. Often such a reaction of the body becomes the consequence of a severe cold or viral disease. Since two types of lymphadenitis are isolated - specific and nonspecific, the causes of infection differ in their own way.

  • In the specific form of the disease, the source is infectious disease - syphilis, tuberculosis, AIDS, measles, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, mononucleosis, etc.
  • When nonspecific form of inflammation begins withIngress into the body of pathogenic microorganisms that pose a danger to human health. It can be a cold, sore throat, toxoplasmosis, gum disease, lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis, boils, trophic ulcers, etc.

Symptoms and treatment of ailment

Diagnosing lymphadenitis is not difficult, because the disease has pronounced and characteristic symptoms:

  • Itching of the skin;
  • The appearance of a rash in the affected area;
  • Swelling and redness on the nodes;
  • Elevated temperature;
  • Soreness of the skin around the lymph node

Treatment of inflammatory reaction begins withEstablishing the root cause of the disease, since such a syndrome is a secondary condition. Typically, therapy involves the appointment of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Medron or Deltason. Each drug should be prescribed and prescribed by the doctor, because some of them have unpleasant side effects.

Another method of treating lymph nodes isUHF-therapy. In this case, the application of warming compresses and heaters is strictly prohibited, since it can lead to the multiplication of harmful microbes and aggravation of the inflammatory process. As the most serious case, the infection can get into the bloodstream, and from there - into the brain of a person.

In addition, the therapy implies adherence to bed rest, taking fortified preparations, vitamins and plenty of drink.

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