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Magic properties of stones: lapis lazuli

From antiquity to the present day

Historical data give us the opportunityBelieve that the mineral began to be produced 10,000 years ago. He used to decorate clothes, vbizhuterii and even decorated them with various buildings and buildings. Even ancient ljudinashli lazurit a magic element and noted its influence on various aspects of life.

Lapis lazuli and the sun

As already noted, in the sunlight lapis lazuliHas a bright and sparkling appearance. This property of the stone, one only a glance at it allows us to believe that it can lift the mood of people looking at and admiring them. For some people lapis lazuli itself is a solar source. It is known that light adversely affects the exciting impulses in the central nervous system due to the release of mediators. Exciting effect is affected by the occurrence of such feelings and sensations as joy, vivacity, enthusiasm. The stone improves the general condition of the body, its performance, preventing the states of depression and increased fatigue.

Lapis lazuli and Libra

Many astrologers believe that each signThe zodiac corresponds to a certain mineral. In this sense, lazurite is no exception. The followers of the study of the stars believe that lapis lazuli exerts a favorable effect on the people born under the sign of Libra. When wearing lapis lazuli, Libra enhances its positive qualities and reduces the manifestation of deficiencies. Also, astrologers have noticed that lapis lazuli can have a negative effect on Cancers and Capricorns. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear jewelry with lapis lazuli.

The magic power of love

Another magical property of the "heavenly stone"It is influenced by a love relationship. Lazurite helps lovers to better understand each other, not to quarrel over trifles and not succumb to the effects of third parties who want to separate lovers. The stone is attributed to the property of recognizing lies and slander, assistance in various endeavors and new acquaintances.

Healing power of lapis lazuli

The therapeutic effect of lapis lazuli is observed whenApplication of the stone to the sick places, with the drinking of water, infused on the stones, and also the treatment of this water-damaged parts. Lapis lazuli can be used for diseases of the locomotor system, gastrointestinal tract, prikozhnyh injuries and vision impairments. Of course, in this case, no one promises that lazurite cures these diseases absolutely, but the favorable conditions for recovery uniquely create.

Thus, lapis lazuli is a very unusuala rock. It can not be denied that the properties of this mineral are somewhat incomprehensible and therefore difficult to completely influence its influence, but after all, magic is something inexplicable or belief in it allows us to see the magic.

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