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Positive and negative sides of chewing gum for health

It should be noted that not all chewing gums are positiveAffect the nasal cavity of man. Only in an organic quantity from it can beproc. Today we will try to find out if chewing gum is useful for a person.

Benefits of chewing gum

Abundant salivation in turn protectsTeeth, it destroys the pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity. Chewing helps to actively develop saliva. Therefore, this fact can be attributed to the positive side of this product.

Chewing gum can be mechanically cleanedTeeth from the remains of the food. It cleans only the surface of the teeth. But the corners, where the food is stuck between the teeth, the cud is not reachable. You can clean your teeth only with the help of a tooth thread.

Gum contributes to intensive productionGastric juice. And after eating it is quite relevant. It will soon be recycled. But doed should not be chewing gum, because the gastric juice will eat away your stomach.

That's all the positive side of chewingElastic. Although etak advertised on TV. So it is worth drawing the conclusion that most of the advantages are just myths and fictions or an advertising move to promote the goods.

A few myths about chewing gum

  • Gum can clean the gums and teeth fromDifferent bacteria. They develop in the remains of food, the remnants of food are in hard-to-reach areas where the toothbrush may not reach, but the chewing gum also does not help, it only cleans the chewing surface of the tooth and that's it. A rinse your mouth, you can achieve more than chewing gum. To remove the remnants of food, use floss. After all, these bacteria contribute to the development of caries.
  • It normalizes the acid-base balance. After ingestion, this process takes place without intervention from outside. He is able to recover even after half an hour after eating. Of course, chewing gum without sugar can shorten this time by half. But is it worth it because of this chewing gum? This is quite a complicated question. You can just rinse your mouth with water after eating, and it will be the same result.
  • There are bleaching gums. It is worth saying that such truths exist. Producers included in the composition of gum bleaching substances. But they will not help your enamel. To whiten your teeth, you will have to chew the chewing gum for a long time. And it's not worth it. So it's worthwhile to postpone the idea of ​​oto to whiten your teeth with chewing gum.

The negative consequences of chewing gum

In children's chewing gums sugar is contained, but notSweetener. Ithaca product only violates the acid-base balance, and does not restore it. Therefore, such chewing gum does not need to be chewed at all. Choose without sugar.

It is not recommended to chew gum before eating. Because in this time you are developing gastric juice. The production of gastric juice, when the stomach is empty, can lead to the development of gastritis and, in the future, the formation of ulcer.

Some chewing gum provoked shakiness of teeth. This is not very pleasant. In some cases, chewing gum has caused an allergic reaction. After all, the composition of the chewing gum does not include natural ingredients, there is practically only one chemistry. Usually chewing gums consist of rubber bases (paraffin or food pitches), stabilizers, sweeteners, thickeners, flavors, emulsifiers, etc.

If you carefully read the composition of the chewing gum on herRevolution, toastrachno it will generally put in your mouth. There are so many "E", which are completely unprofitable for the human body. Little children are generally forbidden to chew them. If they accidentally swallow it, this will cause a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, and in most cases it causes obstruction and constipation.

People who excessively chew gum cannotice the development of hypersalivation of the salivary glands. In addition, it may develop a mess, dysbiosis and other diseases. Inflating gum can become an abnormality in children.

The rules of chewing and what to replace the "yummy"?

No one says that it is necessary to take andexclude a chewing gum from your life. You can chew it, but use it a little 4 times a day. The duration of chewing should not exceed 10 minutes, especially since its taste will already deteriorate. Take it should only after the main meal.

If you have small children, then they do notIt is worth giving gum or tell in detail the rules for its reception, together with all the consequences. Some chewing gums can provoke a change in the hormone, so during pregnancy it is worth giving up altogether.

Those who can not live without chewing gum,must carefully take a closer look at his choice. It should be without sugar, without artificial flavorings and without dyes. It is very important that it is fresh. Therefore, look at the date of manufacture and the expiration date. Choose an elastic band of well-known manufacturers with a good reputation. The most popular in our time are Orbit, Dirol, Eclipse, Doublmin. If there is an allergic reaction, then it must be abandoned forever.

Do not think that chewing gum replaces brushing your teeth. Non-compliance with oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the teeth twice a day and visit the dentist once a year for examination. If desired, you can also once every six months. Do the cleaning of the mouth, it will increase the protective functions of the enamel. After eating, be sure to rinse with mouth cavity or a special rinse aid. And instead of chewing gum you can eat a delicious apple.

Chewing gum we do not prohibit. You can carry it with you when you need to take it. But do not make this a habit. Because excessive use of chewing gum can negatively affect your body.

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