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Rice pasta - healthy

What is "rice noodles"?

The taste is very different from the usualPasta, which we are accustomed to eat. Produce this product from water and rice flour. Most often they can be seen in the form of shells and spaghetti. And in color they look like steamed rice. These pasta are often called transparent or simply white.

The taste of pasta is very delicate and unforgettable. Maybe it sounds strange, but everyone who tried this type of pasta could not cook them again. There is simply no doubt that the rice pasta will be vamped. Their aroma resembles a delicious rice cereal. She flooded your kitchen. Do you already feel this fragrance?

Types of rice

  • Rice noodles (rice vermicelli) - a demanded product of the Eastern cuisine. The noodles are very long and transparent in appearance. Suitable for salads, soups and Asian cuisine.
  • Rice pasta - a small tube. They have a relief shape. Macaroni have a diagonal cut and resemble a fountain pen. Therefore macaroni have still received the name - feathers. Rice pasta can be a garnish or used for cooking first courses.
  • Rice cockleshells - transparent cockleshells are veryPleasant and acrid taste. Their scent of rice grains will smite you. Recommend them to use for the first course. They are also served as a side dish for meat and fish dishes. Sometimes used for casseroles.
  • Rice spirals - white spirals resemble the shape of a spring. They can be eaten both hot and cold with sauce or dressing. They are prepared quickly.

How useful are rice pasta?

Pasta from rice flour can be eaten in people of all ages. There are no restrictions. They perfectly influence the human organism. So it's time to find out what they are so good at.

If you regularly eat rice pasta, then thisIs considered a perfect prevention for allergies, atherosclerosis and in violation of the thyroid gland. Yes, and pasta is great for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

It is worth noting that rice macaroniPositively affect the nervous system of man, if you use rice pasta, then you will be less irritable. Your body will produce more endorphins (hormones of happiness). So soon you will look at everything more positively and begin life. And all thanks to pasta! Charge a good mood!

Rice pasta contains vitamins B and PP, fiber, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and potassium. On this usefulness do not end.

This food enriches the body andNormalize the metabolism of substances in the body. One portion of pasta can quickly saturate. The rice product has a general strengthening effect on a person. It also contributes to the treatment of certain diseases, such as ulcers or gastritis. Thanks to its composition, pasta can be cleansed of toxins and, in addition, absorbed by the body. So if you are afraid for your figure, these etamakaroshki will not harm you.

Unlike wheat, rice pastaHypoallergenic. We note that in these pastas there is no cholesterol and gluten. And gluten, as you know, is a protein that slows down metabolism. Gluten is a protein of gluten, it is found in oats, wheat, barley, and causes many problems with health. Due to the fact that there are no such substances in rice products, a person does not have allergic reactions and gastrointestinal problems. But wheat pasta can cause allergies in humans.

Advantages of rice pasta

As we said earlier, pasta is made fromRice maize. And to be more precise, then from the crushed rice grains and water, the special technology of kneading the dough. Preparation of pasta has eastern roots. Someone says that the product comes from ancient China, others think that it is from Japan. The Japanese continue to treat each other with thin "tosi-Kosi" pasta (passing from year to year) to this day, in order to Life lasted as long as this noodle.

Rice pasta does not taste like wheat. They are much easier to cook. They are exceptionally white and translucent in appearance, have unique properties. They retain all the usefulness of rice. Macaroni does not contain fat, which gives a great advantage.

Preparing the product for only 10 minutes and at the same timeRetains its form. They perfectly match with different products. Useful properties of the products make us think about why we have not included them in the irrationalization yet? Therefore, if you have not yet eaten, then it's time to go to the supermarket with pasta.

Simple cooking

Varim-shkvarim. The easiest way is to cook the pasta in a pan. The cooking time varies from 5 to 12 minutes, depending on their shape. Add salt to taste and ready! Cook them better at once. They are delicious, until they are fresh. They can be served with seafood or meat. But the cold pasta will suit for salads and other dishes.

Rice pasta can be added to the soup. Rice noodles are an excellent ingredient in chicken soup or ordinary meat broth. It has a very pleasant taste and gives a refined note to your dish. It should be added at the end of cooking. Since cooking takes only a few minutes.

You can try to make a salad with shrimps. Very tasteful is the dish with parmesan cheese. Experiment and feel like a cook! Bon appetit.

We made sure that the rice pasta is fine andUseful product. They help to lose weight and improve metabolism in the body. Therefore, it should be included in our diet. You can invent recipes yourself with the most variety of your kitchen. Good luck!

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