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Lymph nodes on the neck have increased: how to treat?

Inflamed lymph nodes in the neck: symptoms

If lymph nodes on the neck are inflamed, thenNotice their increase. However, it can not always be seen visually. Often the lymph node changes to the size of a pea. Its increase will be noticed only by the doctor. In more serious diseases, the lymph nodes increase to the size of the egg. In addition, the symptoms of negative changes are:

  • Soreness. When you press your fingers or swallow, you get unpleasant sensations. Pain can be muffled or harsh.
  • Associated complications. Inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck can lead to fever, headache, weakness.

Lymph nodes on the neck are enlarged: causes

If the cause of cervical lymphadenitis isInfectious disease, then the disease will disappear in the treatment of the underlying disease. Enlarged lymph nodes on the neck are a symptom of angina, pharyngitis or tuberculosis. Cervical lymphadenitis can be formed due to tuberculosis, rubella, toxoplasmosis. In addition, the cause of its occurrence can be skin or ear diseases.

If the increase in lymph nodes on the neck occurred withoutThe apparent cause, most likely, it happened due to the general weakening of the body and the deterioration of immunity. If treatment of lymphadenitis has not brought results, it is possible to judge the chronic course of the disease. In this case, the doctor can prescribe ultrasound of the lymph nodes on the neck, a biopsy, additional tests and a full medical examination.

Treatment of lymphadenitis

Swollen lymph nodes in the neckFor the treatment of ailment, it is necessary to establish exactly its cause. This can only be done by a specialist, based on examination and analysis.

Usually, lymphadenitis is treated in the following ways:

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as prednisolone, deltason, medron;
  • With bacterial infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics;
  • Should take restorative drugs, drink plenty of water;
  • Adhere to bed rest;
  • Taking foods rich in vitamin C;
  • Tea with chamomile, mint and calendula. It can be drunk warm and gargle 3 times a day;
  • Once a day, you should eat a spoonful of aloe with honey. Miracle plant will help to remove pus from the body and enhance immunity.

It is strictly forbidden to attach toInflamed hot spot, hot potatoes or wrapped around a scarf. The fact is that a bacterial infection, thus, can spread further, get with lymph into orgasm and even the brain. You can not do iodine mesh or rub a painful place on the neck. In order not to treat patients from self-activity, often with inflammation of the lymph nodes doctors recommend to place the patient in a hospital. Avoid warming directly to the site of inflammation, it should be remembered that with an illness you need to be warm.

If you feel that the lymph nodes on the neck are inflamed, call your doctor today.

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