/ Why do people get fatter?

Why do people get fat?


If a person is unhurried, slow, heavy onLifting, the tone is mostly fat, fat. Sometimes he makes an attempt to change his appearance, that he goes to a fitness club, a gym. This gives a good result, but due to his laziness, a complete person quickly gets bored and again comes to his former way of life. But among the fast-paced, mobile you do not meet the full people. They have no time to get fat, they are always on the move. Eaten them for a day of calories burned completely.

Daily menu

There are cases when a big role is played byHeredity or age, malnutrition, then a bad joke can play an excessively fatty camel or large portions. Frequent snacking also contributes to the development of fullness. When you replace them with lunch or dinner, this is normal, but when a supper lunch, dinner is eaten buns or sandwiches along with tea or coffee, there is no need to dream of slimness. To gain superfluous kilograms it is possible kukushaya chips, sticks.

Fasting and debilitating diets

Now there is a lot of all kinds of information, whereAdvise how to lose weight with all sorts of diets, curative fasting. However, people continue to grow stout, they are not helped by these tips. Although they often resort to the methods of combating fattening, they can not get rid of it, but all because a couple of kilos have dropped a few pounds, and then they are recruited. There is no power. As soon as the diet ends, the old way of life returns. And as some time the body received little food, but now it requires that they take away the monkey, the appetite is played out even more. As a result, the efforts come to a knee.

Harm or benefit

There are a certain number of fat people,Who are not dieting, do not starve. Motivated by the fact that all this brings harm to the body. In such words there is some truth. Therefore, before you start to refuse any products or start a fast, you should consult a doctor. Not every organism is ready to deal with such stresses.

A person at the time of a diet becomes completelyHer dependent, is in constant agitation. For example, in the case of a trip on a business trip, it is necessary to take food by the hour, which is unlikely in this situation, or you have been invited by guests, and you can not eat anything. As a result, irritation, nervousness, and fatigue appear, as a result of which the appearance deteriorates.

The diet is relatively harmless, but the fastingOften provokes an increase in chronic diseases, can cause serious problems in the stomach. In such cases, it should be under the supervision of doctors, it is necessary to go through all the stages of the preparation of the organism, both to the beginning of fasting, and to the way out of it.

Beauty is not more expensive than health

Not always in its entirety, the person is guilty, there are many factors in which weight gain occurs, for example:

  • diabetes;
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, thyroid, heart;
  • Disorders on the hormonal background;
  • Taking certain medications.

In these cases, when the fight against excess weight is notWill give no results, we must accept, not grieve. After all, in fact, a person is valuable for his appearance, and spiritual qualities, intelligence, good manners.

Quit smoking - recovered!

Many people argue that when they threwSmoking, then began to grow stout. However, this is due to the fact that they developed a habit of having a fixed time to take a cigarette in their hands. And now smoking is replaced by food, which leads to the habit of eating something, hence the weight increases.

How to deal with obesity

First, we must set ourselves the task thatYou will completely change the image of your life, not temporarily, but for a long time. To do this, you have to change yourself completely. On weekends, you should definitely go for a swim in the pool, work out in the gym, walk in the park. There will be fewer reasons to look at nothing to do in the fridge for something to eat. It is not so easy to force yourself to move a lot, but the result will not take long, you will be satisfied with it. In vasuluchshitsya not only the figure, but also the mood.

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