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The influence of darkness on human health

Scientists say that darkness is positiveAffects and nakrasotu. Lighting from light bulbs and appliances has a negative effect on our skin, accelerating the aging process of cells, so it is so important to chalk in natural light during the day and in total darkness at night. And if the fancy is romantic, then more often arrange a candlelit dinner: it is useful, beautiful and impregnated with passion.

So, what are the advantages of darkness?

1. Reducing the risk of cancer

It has been repeatedly proved that the intensity of illuminationAt the time of day is directly related to the development of a cancerous tumor. Why so, now I will explain. At night, our body is actively engaged not only in sleep, but also in the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a substance produced by the body at night for the purpose of natural protection against cancer, otherwise it is called "hormone". The presence of light at night interferes with its development and, accordingly, reduces the natural protection of the organism from this malignant disease. The action of malatonin is aimed at suppressing the growth of some cancer cells by stimulating the development of white blood cells and strengthening immunity. The efficacy of this antioxidant is greatly enhanced by the combination of anti-cancer drugs.

2. Reducing the likelihood of development and aggravation of depressive conditions

Not only the absence of daylightCan contribute to the development of depression, but also the absence of darkness, too. Man, like all living creatures on earth, needs time for rest and energy. This helps us sleep, but not just a dream, but a dream in total darkness. The lack of natural cycles of day and night does not give a full-energy energy to a person, which in turn gives rise to a stressful state of the body - depression.

Some like to sleep with the TV on,But this feat is even more dangerous, since the flickering bursts of light and sounds are the most powerful subliminals of the subconscious, indirectly reflected on consciousness. This habit is contraindicated to man, especially children.

3. Improving the quality of sleep

Sleep strong and healthy can only be inDark. Various sources of light worsen the quality of sleep and do not allow a person to get deeper into it. People who sleep with the devices turned on need more time to fully restore energy, in contrast to those who have slept in full darkness.

When a person is in the dark, hisOrganism is instantly tuned to it and sleep comes much faster. As a result, the quality of sleep improves, the stress of vulnerability decreases, the recovery of forces takes place more quickly, there is an intensive renewal of cells, and the inflow of energy into each point of the body increases.

4. Promotes weight loss

When a person is in the dark,Organism automatically disables the function of "hunger" and gives an installation for rest. In this way, nature protected us from overeating and allowed the body to recover from food without putting off extra pounds to the unwanted parts of our body. Scientists have proved that people who sleep in the light experience hunger and the need to satisfy them. Systematic use of food at night does not help losing weight, but only leads to obesity, because the body is overloaded with food.

5. Supports the work of biological clocks

The natural cycle of changing the day and night forms andSupports the biological clock of each of us. The modern world is filled with many interesting places for pastime, which knock down the natural rhythm: nightclubs, gatherings at the computer until the early hours of the morning, watching TV, visiting 24-hour shops. We live and enjoy this life, not suspecting that we are making a clear violation in the natural rhythms.

Scientists have proved a direct connection between the failureBiological hours and well-being of a person. The result can be stress, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and many other diseases. To avoid undesirable consequences, experts advise to reduce their day, go to bed at the same time, pacify activity with the onset of darkness. These recommendations do not mean that you should completely abandon nightlife, it is enough to try to minimize this way of life.

We examined the main advantages of darkness andYou decide to observe them or not. In any case, it is worth paying attention to, because this is our health and we have one. Of course, many can not afford to change the way of life due to circumstances related to family or work, the nostalgic maintenance of the natural rhythm of the change of darkness and light, even at the start, will have a positive effect on health.

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