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To the "new" figure - using a laser

Remember, in Chekhov - "in a man everything should beperfectly". Young is easier: even in the head and the wind, but the body is still "young and resilient," you simply do not think about it. And what if you are only forty "with a tail," and even just over thirty, but, meanwhile, you have to choose clothes so that she gently hides something "superfluous", run lightly and at ease at any time On the beach, as in the old years, also does not work - complexes ...

We cut off the unnecessary

Alas, years do not paint anyone. Exceptions, of course, happen, but still more often over the years added weight, and the figure loses its former attractiveness ... However, let's not talk about the sad. From any situation there is a way out. By the way, this is what you can hear in the clinic of plastic surgery Beauty Doctor (Beauty Doctor). Why is this institution mentioned? It's simple: they deliberately do not engage in any kinds of liposuction, except laser. Since in practice they came to the conclusion that this method can be considered ideal, when it is necessary to get rid of the "problem" zones in the female figure. However, why only in the female? ..

About laser liposuction you probably for onceSomething they heard or read. Let's try to understand together what kind of "beast" it is: whether it is worth to fear, or it is possible to "tame" it, after which your life can very much change. And in the root!

Slender, smart women almost anyThe age most often we see on the screen. But do not think that actresses daily exhaust themselves with hours of exercise in the gym. Firstly, it does not always help to get rid of fat deposits. Secondly, there is a way easier.

Such a procedure, like liposuction, is designed to removeUnwanted body fat from certain areas of the body. Especially it is recommended to use in those areas where fat does not go away even with regular physical activity, when no diet helps. Liposuction is considered one of the most effective ways to remove fat, today it is the most common service provided in clinics of plastic surgery. The principle is quite simple: a narrow metal tube connected to a special machine by a thin plastic hose is inserted into the prepared incision or puncture on the skin, after which the fat is extracted through a tube into special containers.

Only the laser!

However, so far it was a question of the usual procedure. But in the same clinic Beauty Doctor you are popularly explained why with liposuction you need to use a laser. Let's compare some data.

After a routine procedure, the skin may or may notReduce, or, if reduced, a maximum of 30%. The laser will give out "on-mountain" from 30 to 70%. And for one such operation it is possible to remove up to 3.5 liters of adipose tissue without harm to health, sometimes up to 5 liters. The result is guaranteed to you for life, of course, if you follow the principles of proper nutrition and physical activity in the postoperative period.

Another advantage of the laser. With his help, the skin, being processed from the inside, is reduced to the contours of the body. The laser leaves a small internal micro-burn, which is then safely processed into a normal healthy tissue.

By the way, do not forget about such an importantFactor: when fat is removed artificially, and not split by the body on its own, you rid your body of very harmful excessive loads on the liver, pancreas and blood vessels.

Noli nocere. Do no harm.

By the way, it is not necessary that here,Like Michelangelo, "cutting off excess", will undertake to "sculpt" your new figure at your first request. Why? About this just below. Although one part of the doctors - "beautifikators" - is engaged in precisely the fact that the average model of beauty is molded: we take the lips from one favorite actress, the appetizing, elastic ass, from the other. The surrogate surgeons have a different profile: these specialists are engaged in natural rejuvenation, returning to the patient the proportions with which she was so proud 10-20 years ago.

However, both those and others have a common goal: Restore the former beauty to your body. However, aesthetic medicine is important in aesthetic medicine. The task of any self-respecting doctor is to close the possibility of postoperative complications to zero. And therefore, if the surgeon "rejuvenates" after examining your body will not be sure that the procedure will bring the desired result, the operation simply will not take place.

And it is right. Here, the most important commandment of the doctor is never forgotten: noli nocere - "do no harm".

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