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What small little red dots on the body say: causes and treatment

The value of the red dots on the body

In fact, many people from time to timeRed dots appear on the body. Most often their carriers are not even worried about this. And this is in vain. In themselves, although they are not a disease, they can signal various abnormalities in some systems of the human body.

Because of what appeared pale or bright redPoints on the body? The exact cause can be told only by a doctor after a series of laboratory tests. Call them can and Tuzhilin syndrome, which appears due to a malfunction in the functioning of the pancreas, and a simple allergic reaction. But you can not determine for yourself, from which the body covered with small red dots, it is not worth it, it is better to seek the help of a specialist.

Are such entities safe?

The value of the red dots on the bodyDetermine the causes of red spotsOn the body and the degree of their danger, above all, is difficult from the fact that they are often confused with small red moles (angiomas), which are benign tumors. They appear in both children and adults. But the causes of this phenomenon have not yet been studied, and medicine is not particularly puzzled by this problem, because such red dots on the body of a child or adult usually do not carry danger. Maximum, than they threaten - this is an aesthetic discomfort in case of appearance on highly visible places. Such neoplasms have the property of suddenly appearing and just disappear unnoticed.

To distinguish angiomas from other red dotsYou yourself can, but still rely on a doctor. It looks like a flat formation of reddish or pinkish color, slightly rising above the level of skin. Angiomas are exposed to people of different ages, but the red vascular points on the body are peculiar to people after 30 years of age. They are considered to be safe.

When is it worth worrying about?

If the cause of the appearance of tumors -Pancreas disease, the red dots on the body look like vascular aneurysms that appear on the chest, abdomen or back. Often, such symptoms can occur when an illness such as chronic pancreatitis worsens, and disappear when the exacerbation phase passes. To find out what triggered the appearance of red spots on the body, and to appoint the right treatment, you should make ultrasound diagnosis of the abdominal organs and donate blood for analysis. If the diagnosis is associated with the pancreas, a gentle diet will help alleviate the condition of a person, which will reduce the burden on the organs.

Red dots were found on the baby's body. How to be?

Red dots on the baby's bodyRed dots on the child's body can appear withThe first days of his life. These are benign vascular formations. The causes of their occurrence are unknown, but many experts believe that this is the consequences of acute respiratory infections in the mother in the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes such formations pass by themselves, but if you notice that there are more red dots or they grow in size, you may have to delete them.

If the red dots appearing on the child's bodyItch, most likely, it is an allergic reaction to food or infectious or parasitic disease. Also, the reason may be improper hygiene of the baby, as a result of which there was a sweating. Occasionally provoke red spots in the child may have blood and vascular diseases. In any case, if you find any formations on the skin of your child, you should consult your doctor.

Small red dots on the body appearThey can behave differently and in different ways. Therefore, if you notice in them something strange - changes in size, shape, growth in their quantity - do not hesitate to contact the doctors.

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