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Pregnancy calendar for March 2014: who will be your child?

March 1. A good day for the conception of a child. The first day will please you. If you conceive a baby on this day, then he will be guarded by the highest forces. He will be protected all his life. Before conceiving a child, it is worth consulting with your doctor.

2nd of March. Started on this day the kid will be happy all his life. Skoreevsego, the baby will have a carefree and happy life. He is waiting for an incredible adventure ahead. A great day for conception. Most likely that the boy is in the cold. Therefore, if you are dreaming about your son, then you have all the chances to realize your dream.

March, 3rd. If the baby is conceived on this day, then it is likely that he will have supernatural abilities. He can be a psychic in the future and he will have a strong intuition. It is possible that the child will have healing abilities. He will be able to heal people, and in the future he will become a doctor.

4 March. The fate of this child is not defined. It is not known what awaits the baby in front. A great role in life will be played by chance. Uncertainty of many frightens.

5th of March. The child will be responsible for the mistakes of his parents. So, be careful. Do not put your burden on the baby. To him in the future will make great demands, which will be hard to fulfill.

March, 6. A great day for a family. Ahead of you is the family happiness. If you planned to conceive a child today, you will not find a better day. The kid will strive for idealization. He will be a dreamer, number one, he will go to his goal. If a person likes to be in a world, this will not prevent him from achieving his goals in the real world.

7 March. If you conceived a child on this day, then he has a damaging immune system. A person will not be susceptible to various diseases. When he grows up, he will like to travel and engage in various sports. He will have many dangers on his way. Take care of it!

March 8. This person will be stubborn and principled. He will strive for his goal and achieve success at any cost. He is not afraid of danger. It will stand on its own and will not deviate from its intentions. Parents will be proud of their child.

9th of March. Today it is not recommended to plan a conception. A person can become evil and cruel. The stars say that it is worthwhile to refrain from loving games.

10th of March. The fruit of love, conceived on this day, will become strong and powerful. He will receive support from all his ancestors and relatives. In the future, he will take a leadership position and will move along the career ladder.

11th of March. It's a great day to have a baby. If you are dreaming about a boy, today your dream will come true. This is a wonderful March day for the conception of a son.

12 March. If you have a hard day, and someone is upset, then do not try to conceive a child. This can negatively affect his fate. The child will be strong in spirit and owner of a wonderful intuition. He will be able to make decisions in the most difficult situations. Most likely, you will have a son.

March 13. The life of this child will be like a zebra. Then everything will be fine and happy, then problems and troubles will suddenly fall on your head. It will not be easy, but he will manage. Especially if you are close and supportive child.

March 14th. It is very likely that a daughter will be born. A beautiful girl will constantly suffer from remorse. Even if there is no reason, she will still be in doubt. She will analyze her every act. Very often it will go into itself in various meditations, will be prone to depression.

March 15th. A fighter for justice will grow up. He will always be in a clot of events. A man with his own principles and ideals. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand - it can bring a lot of trouble.

16 March. If you had previous problems with conception, then today is a great day for sexual intercourse. You have a chance for a positive result.

March 17. Luck will accompany this child in life. He will win in contests and lotteries. In adulthood, he will have an incredible success. It is important to take advantage of your luck and not miss it. Great chance that the boy will be.

18th of March. The kid will be modest and hardworking. He will respect his and others' work. A person will become rich in the future, but he will not become an egoist.

19 March. Sexual pleasures will bring you a girl. She will inherit the character traits of both mother and father. She will be spoiled and capricious.

20th of March. Today is ambiguous for conception. Therefore, it is to refrain from experiments. A kid can become selfish and evil.

21 March. It is not recommended today to plan conception.

22 March. A great day to spend time with your spouse. Your child will be a strong and strong-willed person. He will be prone to crocheting. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the struggle for justice.

23 March. The best day to conceive a girl. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of a beautiful crumb that you can dress up in dresses, you can not find a better day to realize your dreams.

March 24. Negative day to have a baby. He can become uncontrollable and selfish, may not become a very good person.

March 25-26. These days it is worth refraining from sexual acts.

27 March. A long life awaits the child. He will be able to see a lot of interesting things in his lifetime.

28 March. The fruit of love will be a liar. This is his weakness. He so often wants to tell a lie that he already begins to believe in her. It will be an active person.

March 29. The kid will become a successful person. In life, he will constantly compete with someone to prove his primacy.

30th of March. Today it is not recommended to be engaged in the conception of a child.

March 31. A great day for sexual games. Your future baby will be a talented person and will have excellent intuition.

Let's hope that the lunar calendar helped you to decide on the planning of pregnancy.

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