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7 signs that it's time for you in the hospital

Many women begin more carefully to themselvesListen and react to every symptom panically. However, painful feelings do not always indicate that you should go to the hospital. Consider the main points, when the future mother herself can determine that it's time to go to the hospital.
  1. Presentiment. Many women anticipate the appearance of the baby. They begin to intensively clean the apartment, ironing children's things. There is a kind of feeling of nervousness.
  2. The mucous plug comes off. It is formed in the cervix, which is a clot of mucus, in the form of protein from the egg. Sometimes it can be brown or just be streaked with blood. The main function of the plug is to protect the body from getting into it any infection. The departure of the plug indicates the beginning of the generic process.
  3. Outflow of amniotic fluid. Water can go away immediately, but can gradually leak. If a woman notices that a constant sense of moisture or discomfort has appeared, then a small cloth should be put in which absorbs water well. If she quickly gets wet, then you should immediately go to the hospital. Childbirth should occur within 12 hours after the water drains. Otherwise, infection of the fetus is possible.
  4. Sudden bleeding. This feature is the most important when you should immediately call an ambulance. The cervix contains blood veins. When the process of opening the uterus begins, it is directly deformed. As a result, bloody discharge can form. However, the appearance of blood does not always indicate the onset of labor. In some cases, detachment of the placenta may begin. In this situation, the danger is threatened not only by the baby, but also by the future mother. Without urgent medical intervention in such a situation simply can not do.
  5. The most important precursor of childbirth, whichWaiting for mom, are considered fights. However, in this case it should also be relatively careful. After all, birth labor and precursory labor are allotted. Harbinger may occur a few days before the birth itself. They are irregular and not so painful. With such battles in the hospital, it's better not to rush. The clan birth is of a regular nature. Gradually they begin to increase and the pain becomes stronger. In this case, it is best to go to the hospital.
  6. Backache. This sign is much harder to catch. After all, most women suffer from back pain during the entire period of pregnancy. But in this case everything is not so. The child begins to descend and the main pressure occurs on the lower back and the coccyx. There may also appear strange sensations in the legs, as if a current is running through them. This fact indicates that the baby is moving down and pinching the nerve endings.
  7. Unclear vision, the appearance of "flies" in front of the holes,high blood pressure. Such small but significant signs indicate that it's time to see a doctor. In this case, the poor state of the mother has a direct effect on the child's condition. The child may experience oxygen starvation and other undesirable problems.
Anyway, be careful and listen to your body. Successful delivery!
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