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Yawning - what is this and interesting facts

Yawning - what is it?

From the medical point of yawning is completely trivialProcess. Specialists characterize it as a respiratory movement, which has an unintentional character, consisting of an exhalation in full force and a sufficiently deep breath.

Yawning overcomes people when in the bodyThere is an accumulation of too much carbon dioxide. With a deep inhalation, organorganism receives a large portion of oxygen, which means that it gets strength and energy. This rejects the theory that yawning is a sign of impending sleep. It is established that the man begins to yawn already in the womb at the 12th week of life.

They differ in their love for yawning animals,For example, dogs and cats, and not when they go to bed, but before going out for a walk. In nature there are animals that, when yawning, expose all their sharp teeth, thus threatening the enemy. For example, an incredible sight is the yawning of a hippopotamus, it opens its mouth for 150 degrees.

A fascinating experiment

Experiment was conducted in a room with a yawningMan, 50% of people with him were infected with yawning. If several people are seated in front of the TV, through which to show yawning actors, then after a while every second participant starts to yawn, taking part in the experiment. Attention was drawn to the fact that those people with the most active part of the brain responsible for empathy were yawning. It follows that if a man yawned next to you, following your yawn, then it characterizes him as sensitive and excusive.

What are the causes of yawning

Yawning does not come simply by air. Most often, it appears from boredom and lack of sleep, this indicates a retarded reactionorganism. When a person has to do monotonous and boring work, he is very vulnerable, the yawn simply does not allow him to fall asleep, shakes him.

At some enterprises in Japan there areCertain pauses in the work, during their work the workers begin to yawn. In the beginning, this happens in a deliberate manner, and further genuine, truly. After such a break, the work moves much faster, more productively.

The presence of yawning can also speak of nervousness, for example, waiting for an important meeting or conversation. In this case, it helps to reduce stress, mobilizes the reserves of the human body.

An unpleasant manifestation of yawning can beDisturbance of cerebral circulation, the presence of migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia and various other health problems, accompanied by weakness and drowsiness throughout the day. In this case, you need to go to an appointment with a neurologist and find the reason for this condition. But in many cases, yawning is necessary and useful, no need to be shy.

Interesting Facts

Men and women yawn with the same frequency,But the first do not cover their mouths with their own hands. Collective yawning chimpanzee, if one marmot yawns, then the rest become infected. At the same time, the cubs behave, as if nothing had happened, their yawning does not concern them. Scientists can not solve this.

If you want to get rid of bored youYawn, begin to move actively. It is necessary to rise from the chair, if there is no such possibility, then just straighten the shoulders, then make some deep sighs.

With a yawn, there are also some superstitions. It was believed before that the evil eye flies through the mouth open at the yawn. From here it was customary to baptize the mouth that opened during the yawn. There is another superstition. The presence of a frequent yawning that someone has jinxed you, but this, as they say, is a superstition in which one should believe.

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