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What does our skin say?

To learn how to determine the causes of skin problems is simple, and this article will help to recognize the problem at its early stage. So, let's begin.

Acne The most common ailment of the skin. These "malicious pimples" are familiar to a person. The girls try to disguise them with a thick layer of cream, the guys try to work on them with healing creams, but neither of them try to heal them from the inside.

The first action that needs to be done isGo to a consultation with a dermatologist. He will identify the cause and send for further examination to doctors who meet the specified zone of the body. More often the treatment is performed by a gastroenterologist.

If the fishes sit tight on the frontal part of the face thisSpeaks of malfunctioning of the liver, stomach and pancreas. Acne on the temples is a sign of problems associated with the bladder. Rashes on the cheeks indicate a failure in the intestine and the detriment of its microflora. Acne around the mouth - problems in the gynecological part, hormonal failure. If the rash is characterized by redness and itching - this is a sign of allergy.

Circle under eyes Often a consequence of fatigue, sleeplessnessNights, visual tension after a long work at the computer, dehydration, lack of vitamins A, C, E, as well as the result of improper care of the eye contour around the eyes and the use of substandard cosmetics. Another should take into account the individual characteristics of the body - close to the surface of the skin disposition of the vessels, the weakness of the capillaries.

It is easy to eliminate this pattern by changing the daily routine and changing the quality of the cosmetics to a qualitative one, preferably for the lower eyelids.

Much more difficult to get rid of circles under the eyes,When their cause lies in the disease of the internal organs. First of all you should pay attention to the shade of circles: blue color indicates a violation of blood circulation, yellowness is evidence of liver disease, redness is a signal of impaired functioning of the liver and allergy.

The cause of the edema and swollen eyelids is a delay in the tissues of the body of excess fluid, disruption of circulation. To solve the problem, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of liquid throughout the day.

Hyperpigmentation - brown spots of various shapes and sizes. Their appearance is due to the excess production of melanin in the human body. The cause of the emergence of a spurt can be internal disease of organs (chloasma) or reaction of ultraviolet rays and the consequences of aggressive treatment of skin rashes (melasma). Often people do not pay attention to pigment spots, especially if they are located in places that can be covered with clothing. But what if the pigment spread to the face, arms and legs? In this case, you need to listen to the body and find a way to fight the disease.

Provoke hyperpigmentation may be a diseaseLiver and gallbladder, prolongedintoxication, disorders in the functioning of endocrine glands, metabolic disorders. If the cause is in internal organs, then it is necessary to contact the doctor for further recommendations and treatment.

Change the skin color of the face. In the morning, looking at myself in the mirror, we sometimesWe notice that the skin changes its color and as usual does not pay attention to it, but it would be worth it. The pallor of the skin speaks of low blood pressure, anemia, kidney failure, lung disease and digestive system. Yellow skin color appears in people suffering from liver and gallbladder disease. Red skin speaks of ohypertension and tachycardia. Orange skin tone is a sign of failure of the adrenal glands. In any of these cases, an appeal to the doctor is necessary.

Heels-the most inconspicuous part of the body, but not less thanDemanding of themselves in care. But sometimes standard care does not help in solving such a problem as cracking the heels. Cracks on the heels can be a signal to one of the problems: disruption of the endocrine system, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, eczema, psoriasis, fungus. But do not be scared before the time. Winter period skin of the legs is vulnerable due to constant temperature changes, this can also cause cracking of the heels.

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