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What if after a meal you feel discomfort in the stomach?

Why does it arise? Most often, this is due to functional disorders. The most popular organic disorders are peptic ulcer, cholelithiasis and chronic pancreatitis. Discomfort in the stomach is most often caused by eating disorders or taking medications.

Functional dyspepsia can be of three types: Fermentation, fat and putrefaction. They cause severe discomfort in the stomach. In this case, fatty indigestion is associated with excessive consumption of fat, and fermentation - with a long use of carbohydrates.

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Discomfort in the stomach

It is more a symptom than a disease, besides, heRarely is the only one. But it is he who is most important. So, the patients notice the heaviness in the stomach, sharp pains immediately after eating. If you have the first symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor so that he can determine the differential diagnosis. With her help, a doctor can determine what contributed to the development of organic dyspepsia. If no disease is found, it determines that it is an organic dyspepsia. Only after this, individual treatment is prescribed. First and foremost, the patient needs to establish nutrition, give up many foods and adhere to a special diet.

Discomfort in the intestines

Irritable bowel syndrome - just like thisCall discomfort in the intestines. It, like dyspepsia, is a disease that depends on organic disorders. Most often, this disease is observed in those people who have suffered neuroses or severe stress. Sometimes it develops as a result of poisoning. Doctors can not easily identify this disease, since there are a huge number of diseases that are characterized by the same symptoms. The most common symptoms in IBS: bloating and upset of the stool, sometimes - migraine and depression, anxiety and nausea.

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To cure this disease it is possible, first of all,If you follow your diet. In addition, the doctor must prescribe an individual treatment. The patient is not able to independently determine the diagnosis, experiencing discomfort in the stomach or intestines. That is why, it is necessary to turn to the gastroenterologist in time. Then the doctor will determine your illness, and also prescribe a certain treatment.

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