/ Why does a man offend you? And most importantly, how to deal with these?

Why does a man offend you? And most importantly, how to deal with these?

What are the grievances, jealousies and misunderstandings inFamily? The reasons can be very different. The most common of these is trouble at work or in life. Perhaps your loved one is very bad at the moment, he has depression or a strong quarrel with friends. Another reason is that he lacks attention and affection. Perhaps you often tell him recently that "he is a bad lover" or "brings a little money into the house"? Most often, women themselves press the "trigger button", thus, not noticing anything.

How can I explain to my husband that he offended me?

It is this question that many women are asking. Try to please him with something after a hard day. And it does not matter what it will be - a romantic dinner or an unexpected gift. Perhaps he is tired of all that is happening and is waiting for you to support? You will answer that you do not have to respond affectionately to constant insults. But, you are exactly mistaken. Now your task is to follow his behavior. After what actions or phrases does he behave normally?

But, on the other hand, you must understand yourself. This is important in order to create an idyllic family. Drop your negative feelings. Now you must learn to think soberly.

How to respond to insults of her husband?

For this, it is necessary to conduct several simple but important experiments:

  1. The first experiment. He offends you, and you continue to watch his actions and remain silent, while repeating to himself that everything will be fine. First of all, you must believe in the best, namely, that it will change.
  2. Do not answer evil for evil! Do not scream and insult him in return. It's best to ask him if you understand correctly that you are a bad housewife or mother. Be sure that these words will lead him into a dead end!
  3. Do not provoke a man to a quarrel. The more often and more you provoke it, the less chance it will be to create a family idyll. Try to find out what exactly makes him angry. Perhaps, any requests or orders annoy him. For example, the request "give me money" can hint to him that he earns little. A woman must be cunning, and this is not humiliation at all. Instead of asking him money, say: "Darling, this month I do not have enough money, because our child is often sick, and I need him to buy pills. Could you give me some money? "
  4. No matter how much people did not love each other - theyWill always quarrel, since the characters are all different. And it's just impossible to live without quarrels. Just be gentle and gentle with your husband. Sometimes they just do not have enough support and attention.

In conclusion, I would like to note that you do not need to wait for reciprocity from a man right away. We'll have to wait a while for him to understand you. Patience to you!

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