/ How to get rid of the severity of loneliness? How to find a decent man?

How to get rid of the severity of loneliness? How to find a decent man?

Why have not you managed to find the man of your dreams so far?

According to psychologists, the brand of loneliness isThe problem of character and attitude towards men. Very often women do not want those who really need them. Perhaps this is imposed by a modern society or an imprint of parental instructions. According to sociological research, most of the girls answered without hesitation that they would like to see a kind of male with a mountain of muscles next to him, for whom romance and emotional experiences are an empty sound. Yes, it may be cool, but only at first glance. Believe me, for family life these guys do not suit at all, and they themselves do not particularly rush. Similar copies will not care what your temperature is, if you are unwell, your experiences and plans for the future will be uninteresting to him. You should understand that alpha males are only interested in their own pleasure and ego, they live only for themselves. So do not be surprised if a similar "fruit" in the first stages after acquaintance without a twinge of conscience will ignore your calls and messages.

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There is also a prevailing view thatMost of our young ladies are interested primarily in the financial well-being of a man, his career growth. Yes, on the one hand - this desire is justified by the fact that any girl wants her family and children do not need the most necessary. In addition, the availability of finance guarantees a brighter and happier life than without them. But no matter how insulting this may be, well-off men, more often than not, choose their peers. Yes, there are a lot of stories about Cinderella, but these relationships are very fragile and often at every opportunity a man reminds his chosen one of what layers she's from. Believe me, sometimes from a poor but intelligent and purposeful guy you can raise a mighty emperor, for whom you will be love and a muse. After all, as they say, behind every successful man is a wise woman who believes in him.

In order not to make mistakes with the criteria for choosing the futureIt is highly recommended to pass socionic tests and find a psychotype of yourself and your dual. This method ensures that you will look differently at those who will come across your life's path. The guarantee of happy and serious relations is the compatibility of characters and souls, common aspirations and views on life.

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How do you get rid of loneliness and find your partner in life?

To begin with, you need to get rid of thatPsychological burden, which prevents people from perceiving men normally, to see who is who in fact. For this you need, first and foremost, to remove from yourself the masks of importance and pride, to become yourself, not to be afraid of being intrusive and inquiring with interest about the man you liked about his life. If this is your dual partner, he will also be happy to be interested in you. Allow yourself the luxury of saying what's on your mind, what you want from life. Believe me, those who are not on the road with you - they will leave at once, this should not be regretted. Who are with you on the same wave - will remain for many years.

The main thing is not to set yourself as the main goal - searchMen for serious relationship. Live, develop, communicate with friends, learn something new and you will not notice how love will enter your life. After all, as the classic of literature Shakespeare said: "Love runs from those who pursue it, and those who run away rushes to the neck ..." We very much hope that you will understand - no complete wallets and inflated bodies will not replace the simple human happiness to love And be loved. We wish to find a man of your dreams in the near future!

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