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Useful properties of coffee

What is the effect of coffee on the body?

A cup of invigorating coffee, drunk in the morning, especiallyIf it is a cup of Melitta coffee, it charges with energy for the whole day. It accelerates all processes in the human body. Numerous studies have shown that coffee beans contain potassium and vitamin P, the latter in one cup of coffee contains up to 20% of the daily rate. What other influence can one single cup of coffee have on the body?

  • Stimulates the work of the brain. After a drunk drink, short-term memory works more efficiently, it becomes easier to concentrate. In addition, 1-2 cups of coffee a day can relieve headaches or even migraines.
  • Promotes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the fact that coffee has the propertyAccelerate all processes in the body, it promotes digestion of food. This is why drinking natural coffee is recommended to people suffering from fatness - because of their ability to speed up the metabolism of coffee, it becomes an excellent fat-burning agent. The main thing is not to overdo it!
  • Activates the work of the heart. Extension of blood vessels and stimulationThe work of the heart muscle leads to an acceleration of blood circulation. At the same time, the pressure rises slightly for a short time. However, the positive point is that such a "gymnastics for the heart" is an excellent prevention of myocardial infarction.

It should be noted that the positive impactProvides only natural coffee. Soluble drinks, as a rule, contain only coffee extract and a huge amount of flavors and flavors. Therefore, for coffee to bring benefits to the body, it is necessary to carefully approach its choice.

How to choose a good coffee?

Choosing coffee, you need to know that the higherThe content of coffee beans in coffee, the better its quality, the more aromatic and rich the drink will be. Elite coffee grades, for example, coffee produced by Melitta, have a velvety, tart taste, they are healthy and excellently invigorating.

The benefits of coffee directly depend on the quality of the coffee beans. There are three main varieties of coffee, each of which is distinguished by the richness of taste, flavor, and caffeine content:

  • Arabica - a soft, fragrant, slightly caffeinated taste
  • Liberia - a sharp, bitter and pronounced flavor
  • Robusta - slightly bitter taste, high caffeine content

The most widespread and appreciated gourmet variety- Arabica. It has a mild but slightly bitter taste and is characterized by a slight sourness. It is on the basis of arabica that coffee beverages such as espresso, cappuccino, americano, latte, mocha and many others are created. Coffee from 100% arabica - fragrant, has a velvety, unforgettable taste and deservedly won the love of the whole world. Elite coffee, such as Melitta coffee, is made from pure arabica.

Liberia and robusta are cheaper, are not consideredElite and have lower taste qualities. These varieties are usually used as additives to arabica coffee to enhance the flavor of the drink or to give it a bitter "zest". Bitterness of Robusta can be reduced by sublimation, therefore, it is this variety that is most often used in the manufacture of instant coffee.

There are coffee and the degree of roasting: So, the Scandinavian roast gives the drink a light aroma and a "classic" taste, and the American one makes the flavor more pronounced. The next in expression is French, which gives bitterness, and with the strongest - Italian - the taste of coffee resembles a burnt caramel. The more fried coffee beans, the darker they will be.

The degree of roasting of grains depends on for whichCoffee they will be used. The ideal espresso is obtained when frying the grains in Italian and French, for softer drinks the grains are mostly fried in American style. In order not to get lost in a variety of varieties, rely on your own taste, and in order not to harm your health, choose proven coffee manufacturers. Start with Melitta coffee, and you will soon become a true connoisseur of this drink - sensual, aromatic, enticing.

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