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Medical ways to learn this and a few tips from traditional medicine.

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Scientists have long come up with a variety of methods for determining the sex of the unborn child. We give five main ways.

  1. Ultrasound is the most accessible and safe remedy. Such a study is carried out throughout the pregnancy and not only to know the sex, but also to follow the development of the fetus. And although ultrasound gives reliable information in almost all cases, but there can be all kinds of unforeseen situations. For example, a doctor will not be able to correctly see the sex signs and the child, or the kid will turn his back on to outside observers.
  2. Amniocentesis. This rather complex word means a special analysis based on the study of the composition of amniotic fluid. By the way, the gender of the future child can be found already at week 14. But since the procedure is associated with a certain danger for both the mother and the baby, it is carried out only if there is a real threat to the development of the fetus due to genetic characteristics.

  3. Another analysis, cordocentesis, is also based onStudy of fluid. But this time under the microscope is the umbilical cord blood. As in the previous case, doctors examine the chromosomal composition of the material.
  4. The DNA test provides a 100%Sex. In 2007, scientists from the United States found that in the blood of a pregnant woman there is a particle of her baby's DNA. Moreover, the procedure is rather painless and is not associated with any risk. The only negative is a very expensive analysis.
  5. The gender test according to the principle of work is very similar toHome methods of determining pregnancy. It is based on the fact that in the mother's urine there is a certain amount of sex hormones of the unborn child. The strip is impregnated with a special reagent and when it gets into the urine it is painted in a certain color. Green means that a boy is born, and an orange is a girl.

Non-traditional methods

And how they learned about the future child's fieldGrandmothers? After all, at that time all of the above methods were not, and curiosity was unlikely to be less. Traditional medicine talks about several such methods.

  • Pendulum. A wedding ring is tied to a string and suspended from the mother's abdomen. Depending on the movement of the cargo and find out the sex. If the pendulum swings in a circle - there will be a girl, and from side to side - a boy.
  • Palpitation. This method was invented by the gynecologists themselves, and, as it turned out, it is quite accurate. If you can listen and count the number of heart beats, do it. At girls it should make about 140 impacts in a minute, and at boys - much less.
  • By appearance and behavior of a pregnant woman. It is believed that in the expectation of a son the woman becomes prettier, and when the daughter is born, the appearance deteriorates, since it is believed that the girls "take away the beauty" of the mother. If you pull on meat and salt - there will be a son, and sweet, flour and fruit speaks about the birth of a daughter.
  • In the shape of the abdomen. It has long been believed that if the belly is pregnant round, there will be a daughter, and if pointed - then the son. However, this method is by no means always reliable.
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