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How to measure the basal temperature: the rules for using the method, its advantages and disadvantages.

What is this procedure for?

The main purpose of carrying out such manipulations is to obtain certain information about the organism and the processes taking place in it. So, you can get the following information:

  • Information on the maturation of the ovum and the onset of the ovulation period;
  • Determining the time of possible conception of the child;
  • Data on how correctly the body produces hormones in different phases of the menstrual cycle;
  • Information on the onset of menstruation;
  • Information about various gynecological diseases, if any.

How to measure basal temperature

There are basic rules in conducting this procedure:

  1. To build a clear and correct schedule of changes, start to perform such an action from the first day of the menstrual cycle.
  2. To measure the temperature can be severalWays: in the mouth, in the vagina or rectally. Many doctors agree that the latter option is most preferable, since it gives a minimum of errors.
  3. With regard to time, the duration of basal temperature measurement in the mouth should be about 5 minutes, in the vagina and anus - about 3 minutes.
  4. Remember that choosing one method, in the future it is worth using only them. The constant change of place for this manipulation will lead to unreliable results.
  5. In addition, one can not also lose time, that is, Measure the temperature always at the same time. Preferably choose the morning, the period immediately after waking.
  6. If possible, use one thermometer, it can be either mercury or electronic, but the first kind is still preferable.
  7. All the results immediately put in theTable. Do not forget to make notes about factors that could affect the general condition of the body: stress, various colds and diseases, taking alcoholic beverages or medicines, fatigue, physical activity, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of the method

The main advantages of obtaining information about the body by measuring the basal temperature are:

  • Absence of any risk to health, as well as side effects;
  • Economy, because it practically does not require any monetary costs;
  • Possibility to calculate the optimal time for conception of the child;
  • The possibility of not using contraceptive means, which is important for a married couple.

In addition to positive aspects, the method also has negative ones:

  • It is necessary to abstain from sexual activity during the fertile phase, or to use means of protection from pregnancy;
  • Should constantly monitor the correct conduct of the measurement schedule;
  • This method can be used only by those women whose menstrual periods pass without failures;
  • The basal temperature is influenced by many surrounding factors;
  • In the case of various infections of the genital tract, the indices may be unreliable;
  • If the couple uses only this way of preventing pregnancy, there is a risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The method of basal temperature measurement itself protects from conception only in 80% of cases.

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