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What is basal temperature and why should it be measured regularly.

What is it and how to measure it correctly?

In fact, this is a common measurement with the help ofThermometer. You can do oral, vaginal or rectal (through the rectum). The most common is the last option. Better if you will note degrees on paper or count using a table on the Internet. So you can visually follow the changes up to the tenth degree.

A few recommendations

  • Basal temperature is usually taken in the morning, immediately after sleep. A change in the schedule is allowed for a maximum of thirty minutes.
  • Gradusnik cook in the evening, so that notDo no movements before the measurement. If you get up during the night, try to detect the time, and make a measurement five to six hours after the ascent.
  • Choose only one way to know the basal temperature (for example, vaginal) and use it all the time. Only in this way you can get reliable data.
  • Do not count the days in the calculations when you were sick. At this time, the infection itself causes an increase in temperature, which has nothing to do with ovulation.

BT schedule for an average woman:

Because of the cycle of menstruation, the level of hormones in the body of a woman gradually changes, which reflects on body temperature and, accordingly, on the chart.

  1. In the first phase (from the end of the monthly and until the new ovulation), the egg ripens. At this time, the BT level will be 36-36.5 degrees.
  2. One day before ovulation, the temperature drops by0.2-0.3 degrees of a degree. And when the egg leaves, there is a sharp jump of 0.4-0.6 divisions and the thermometer can show you 37 or slightly more degrees. This is the most favorable time for conception. It will be better if you will measure BT for more than one month and you will be able to determine how many days are left before ovulation. The probability of getting pregnant three to four days before or within 12 hours after is very high.
  3. If you did not manage to get pregnant, then before the new monthly the temperature will again drop by 0.2 percent of a degree.

And here is the schedule of the woman who managed to get pregnant:

At this time, the body will produce a hormone called progesterone, which promotes an elevated body temperature. One must hold at a level of 37 degrees. It is allowed to increase by 0.1-0.3 degrees.

If the level of BT at this time begins to decline, thenYou should consult a doctor, as there is a threat of natural termination of pregnancy. But the indicator above 38 indicates problems. Most likely, you picked up some kind of infection.

Some tips in the end

  • You can not only choose the most successful timeFor conception, but also to find out whether you are pregnant or not. But for this you need to regularly measure the temperature. A woman in the position of BT is kept at approximately the same level for quite a long time.
  • After you managed to conceive a child, you should not immediately interrupt the measurement of temperature. Any swing of the mercury column can show you about changes in the body.
  • Do not completely trust this method of determining pregnancy. It is better to be convinced of it, having lead the test independently or having handed over special analyzes.
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