/ / Benefits of magnesium for pregnant women, the principles of its intake and the best preparations based on the mineral.

The benefits of magnesium for pregnant women, the principles of its intake and the best drugs based on the mineral.

Why is magnesium pregnant?

As we see, the use of this element is extremelyIs important, and during pregnancy the need for it increases in two or even three times. First of all, its deficiency can adversely affect the formation of organs and systems of the fetus: joints, bones or mitral valve. Yes, and the woman herself may have a serious malaise or even a threat of miscarriage.

During labor, a lack of magnesium canNegatively affect the ability of the muscles to stretch and lead to tears. That's why doctors prescribe to pregnant women the drug Magne B6. In addition to a sufficient amount of useful mineral, the composition of the drug includes vitamin B6, which allows the mineral to quickly assimilate the body.

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

If you notice one of the following, be sure to report these symptoms to your doctor.

  • Spasms in the muscles, cramps, pain in the abdomen and back. This indicates a reduction in the uterus, which can you call a miscarriage.
  • Severe headaches, insomnia and dizziness.
  • Heart pain and pressure problems.
  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation may alternate with diarrhea, often there is vomiting or nausea.
  • Low body temperature, constant chilliness and swelling.

How does the drug work?

In addition to saturating the mother's bodyMineral, Magne B6 has other actions. For example, some women may have an increased uterine tone, which is accompanied by abdominal pain and a constant sense of anxiety. In this case, the drug will quickly calm the nerves and relieve stomach cramps.

Thus, in the body of the mother normalizes the work of the muscles and suppresses their excessive excitability. This is important for those who have a threat of miscarriage or a tendency to form blood clots.

Dosage, contraindications and analogues

Duration and amount of the drug per day can be prescribed only by a doctor, since too much magnesium can also lead to negative results.

  1. Some doctors appoint Magne B6 for a fairly long period. But for therapeutic purposes, it is often taken two tablets three times a day.
  2. It is better if you drink the medicine while eating, to improve absorption.
  3. With proper reception, Magne B6 does not cause side effects. But since excess drug is filtered and excreted by the kidneys, intoxication can occur in women with renal insufficiency.
  4. Be sure to tell your doctor about other vitamins,Which you accept. Their combination can slow the dissolution of nutrients, and if the vitamin complex already has magnesium, then the Magne B6 dosage will have to be adjusted.
  5. There are some analogues of the drug, whichBased on the same action. Be sure to ask the doctor about the possibility of taking other vitamins of this kind. It can be, for example, Magwith or Magnelis. According to women, it is the latter most reminiscent of Magne B6 on the effect produced. The composition is about the same, and the price can be much lower.

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