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The origin of these warnings and their scientific justification.

For example, you can not cut your hair, so as not to reduceTo the child of the mind. Similarly, they can not be painted. Our grandmothers say that it is better to refrain from sewing, knitting or raising hands to keep the baby from tangling in the umbilical cord.

Agree that if you refrain from needleworkIt is possible, then what about the hairdo? Nobody will agree to live the usual life, just to check the truthfulness of the people's decisions. Let's try to figure this out.

A haircut

In fact, we owe this superstition to our ancestors,Who believed that all of our vital energy is hidden in the hair, and if they are cut off during pregnancy, you will deprive the baby of vitality. In addition, the haircut could deprive the future mother of natural protection.

These signs are not confirmed by science. But it is for certain that thanks to the hormonal explosion, the hair begins to grow more actively, and the hair becomes shiny, thick and bulky. Therefore, if you have always dreamed of growing long hair, you can do it by bearing a child. But the girls with short haircuts will have to visit the hairdresser more often to shape the ever-growing hair.

The only negative appears after giving birth. Hormones calm down and hair follicles come to normal, and the hair begins to come out. Do not worry, this is quite a normal process.


Since we do not adhere to the beliefs of ourAncestors, with a haircut everything is clear. And what about painting? After all, it is though a small, but still chemical effect on the mother's body. Accordingly, there are quite natural concerns about the safety of this salon procedure.

Doctors' advice

  1. Although the harm of dyeing hair during pregnancyAnd has not been confirmed, doctors still advise not to be painted at least in the first trimester. It is at this time that the basic systems and tissues of the child's body are formed.
  2. Harm does not cause the paint itself, getting on the skin, butPairs of ammonia, which you will inevitably inhale. Some women themselves do not agree to refresh hair color because of toxicosis, because the smell of paint can cause another bout of nausea or vomiting.
  3. Listen to the advice of the hairdresser. He can suggest dyeing hair with bezammiichnymi paints, which do not pose any danger.
  4. Stop your choice on coloring orHighlights. First, no one can give you a guarantee that the color will be the same as always because of hormones. And secondly, the melted strands will have to be less often tinted, the skin will be less in contact with the chemical, and the overgrown roots will not be too noticeable.
  5. If you do not need radical changes and youJust refresh the natural color with dyes, try using the gifts of nature. The desired shade of hair can always be given to henna, basma, or boiling a peel from a bow or field chamomile.

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