/ / Folk ways, by which you can find out who will be born to you.

Folk ways, by which you can find out who will be born to you.

But if you really want to know the sex of the future baby,It can be done without ultrasound, using the people's perceptions and advice of eastern medicine. Of course, it does not give one hundred percent guarantee, but there is still some truth in such signs.

Folk ways

  • My mother's tummy. This sign is as old as the world, and scientists still can not give a logical explanation for the dependence of the shape of the abdomen on the sex of the baby. So, if the stomach is extended forward and can not be seen from the back, then most likely you will have a boy. But when the tummy increases in breadth and it can be seen from behind the woman, then wait for the daughter.

    Symmetry of the abdomen also matters. Most often it is more convex on the one hand. According to popular observations, the convexity on the right promises the birth of a boy, and to the left - the girls.

    There is one more similar sign that is basedOn the color and quality of the strip in the middle of the tummy. If it consists of hairs, there will be a boy, and if pigmented - a girl. Just this sign has a definite scientific explanation: hormones. But in this case, no one can guarantee reliability.

  • Breast can help determine the sex of the baby. In those who bear a boy, the mammary glands are rounded and swell at the very beginning of pregnancy. For girls this happens much later, at the end of the term. The color of the nipples can also prompt in what color to cook the wardrobe of the baby. Areoles will be lighter if a boy is born, or quickly and strongly darkens when the girl is born.
  • A craving for a certain meal. The future mother of the girl will enjoy with pleasure fruits, sweets and sour-milk products. But for those who are supposedly waiting for the boy, meat and fish will be among the favorite dishes.
  • Emotions. As you know, pregnant women can not be called balanced. But if a woman is too naughty and strongly susceptible to changes in mood, then she will have a girl. But complete tranquility speaks about the addition of a masculine gender. Even an unborn boy, like a real man, controls his and Mom's emotions.
  • Appearance. Once upon a time, it is known that a mother who is preparing to give birth to a girl changes greatly externally in the negative side during pregnancy. Our ancestors explained this by the fact that the daughter "takes" from my mother's beauty. There may be swelling and even age spots on the face that will pass after childbirth.

Oriental Medicine Tips

The ancient Chinese invented a special table,Which can help to know who will be born with the help of the mother's age and the month of conception. In the left vertical column, you must select the age, and in the horizontal line - the month. The letter at the intersection and will mean the sex of the baby.

Strangely enough, this method works very accurately. Mismatches can be only if the conception occurred on the border between months or the mother can not tell exactly when it happened.

The Japanese counted the sex of the baby in this way, but they took into account not only the age of the mother, but also the father.

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