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How to find out about pregnancy in the first week after conception or before the delay of menstruation.

Medical signs

Doctors have substantiated some changes in the body of a woman in connection with conception from the physiological point of view.

Digestive disorders

These may include toxicosis (nausea and vomiting,Mainly in the mornings), intolerance of some smells, a sharp change in gastronomic preferences. In some cases, symptoms of a stomach disorder, such as flatulence, may appear.

And the popular proverb "pulls on the salty" has a scientifically grounded basis. Because of the restructuring of the body, all food will seem tasteless and completely not salty.

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Inexperienced ladies can mistake this earlySymptom of pregnancy with a simple PMS. But outbreaks of aggression can be so strong that no premenstrual syndrome can be compared with them. The main thing is that the woman herself will realize the inadequacy of her behavior, but she will not be able to do anything with him. Such nervous breakdowns are due to the fact that the hormonal changes in the body before the long gestation of a new life.

Breast shape

In many cases, the soreness of the mammary glandsIs manifested already in the early stages. So your body is preparing for breastfeeding the baby. Especially great joy this symptom can bring girls with zero or first breast size, as their forms will become more seductive and rounded.

Temperature increase

If you already have a delay, then, to be sureIn conception, you need to measure basal temperature. Its increase gives almost 100% guarantee of confirmation of pregnancy. However, this may also indicate a very common phenomenon for a woman - ovulation. Therefore, it is better to make a special test or to pass a blood test, so that specialists can determine if there is a special hormone (chorionic gonadotropin) in your body that is produced by the placenta after conception.

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People's Observations

Our grandmothers did not have such a variety of drugs and drugs that helped determine the presence of pregnancy. But they also had their own ways of knowing this.

Strange dreams

Many young mothers say they seeSnows fish, and later find out that they are pregnant. Others have completely unexplained phenomena during sleep. For example, a woman can be told that soon she will become a mother, completely unfamiliar people, or in general, just some kind of voice.

Metallic taste in the mouth

Some associate it with impaired liver function, but in some it is directly related to the growth of the fetus.

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Drowsiness and fatigue

Some sleep can be disturbed in a completely different direction and the woman begins to simply radiate energy, and in the evening can not sleep for a long time.

Carefully follow the signals of your body, and as soon as you notice something from the above, ask for a consultation with your gynecologist.

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