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Characteristics of various pregnancy tests and the rules for their use.

What are the tests?

So, modern medicine offers severalVariants of drugs that can determine the presence in the body of the hormone hCG (chorionic gonadotropin). He, by the way, can only appear in a pregnant woman. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

  • Strips. This is the most affordable option, which can be purchased even in a supermarket or a cosmetics store. But it is better to buy it in the pharmacy. It is a small paper strip impregnated with a special agent that reacts to the hCG hormone. Paper should be lowered for a few seconds in a container with urine, and after five minutes look at the number of strips. Two means a positive result, and you are really pregnant.
  • Tablet. The principle of this test is about the same, but its use is more complicated. On the one hand, a few drops of urine (a pipette) should be introduced into the special hole, and on the other in a few minutes the result will be visible. It is believed that such a method of determining pregnancy is more reliable, but tablets are worth an order of magnitude more expensive.
  • The inkjet test is considered the fastest and most accurate. Another advantage: it does not need to search for additional capacity for urine. The device should be simply placed under a stream of liquid and the result should be known in five minutes.

Which option should I choose?

In fact, all of the above tests are fairly accurate and will be able to show the presence of pregnancy. But some recommendations for choosing are worth considering.

  • Always use the instructions. Only in this case you will see the correct result.
  • Pay attention to the date of production. An overdue test is unlikely to be reliable.
  • Read the sensitivity information forPackaging. The higher it is - the more likely that the test will be able to catch even the slightest presence of a hormone in the urine. The most accurate, but also expensive, are considered to be jet tests.

When is it better to do the test?

The opinion that to find out whether the conception occurred right awayAfter sexual intercourse with the help of such means, erroneous. The fact is that the hormone accumulates in the body gradually and you will have to wait at least a week to find out whether you are pregnant or not.

Jet tests can work even before the delay begins. Other, cheaper means, should be used only after the monthly delayed for at least a day.

It is better to use several types of tests at onceDifferent sensitivity or do them with an interval of several days. Doctors insist that it is better to conduct a check in the morning, since at that time the content of hCG is the highest. Sometimes it happens that the second strip is hardly visible or manifests itself immediately. In any case, even a pale and barely noticeable trace indicates that conception has occurred.

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Several folk methods

  • In a container with urine to drip with iodine. If it spreads out - conception does not happen, and if you stay floating on the surface with a single circle - wait for the addition.
  • Combine urine and wine in equal proportions. In pregnant women, the liquid will remain clear, and in normal times, urine will curl up in the wine.
  • In the people believed that the urine of women in a delicate position is much darker in color.
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