/ How much should I rest?

How much do you need to rest?

Why do you feel tired?

The question that very often sets itself,Perhaps every modern person: "Why do I always get tired?" There may be several reasons. First of all, it's some kind of disease that drains your strength, or maybe you just feel depressed and in an oppressed state of mind. In this or that case, in addition to fatigue, there is increased irritability. If you do not take timely measures to eliminate fatigue, you can get serious health problems.

What should be the duration of the holiday?

A person needs various kinds of rest. First of all, it's a full night's sleep. Do you know that chronic undernourishment for women is much more dangerous than for men? It leads to early aging, health problems and is one of the causes of hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. Correctly chosen time of rest promotes lengthening of your life. Several years ago, according to some extensive research, scientists came to the conclusion that the longest lifespan was for those who slept every night for 7-8 hours. The death rate of those who slept less was higher.

Go to bed preferably at the same time. The famous Sophia Loren never went to bed after 9 o'clock. Her day began at 6 o'clock in the morning. She calls this the main secret of her beauty and youth. It is advisable to sleep continuously, if the sleep is for some reason interrupted, the person will feel broken and tired. It is connected with the fact that in the stage of sleep two phases are distinguished: slow and fast, replacing each other. In the phase of slow sleep the brain rests and relaxes, that is, if you wake up in this phase, a person will feel very tired. However, remember that too long a dream as bad for health, as well as a chronic lack of sleep.

In addition to full sleep, a person needs a change in the rhythm of life. The longer the working day lasts, the longer rest should be.

Of course, you need to take into account the load,Received by a person. Today, employees have their own criteria. If you do not use the computer very actively, but mainly negotiate by phone or in person, you need 15-minute breaks every two hours of work. If a person engages in heavy activities or mental work, his break should be 2-3 hours.

Today, scientists disagree about how muchShould last a vacation. Some believe that a person rests only 15% of all days, because he must "switch" from work to another rhythm of life. Another group of scientists believes that you need to take leave as often as possible, but less in duration. And the rest time should be selected individually under the condition of each person's body. One way or another, scientists agree in one thing - everyone should rest and restore their strength.

Each person himself feels how much to work. Try to treat yourself carefully, do not overload your body, and he will certainly thank you. Remember, you are alone.

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