/ What does ovulation mean and how can it be calculated?

What does ovulation mean and how can it be calculated?

What is the concept of "ovulation"?

The thing is that every woman hasThere is a definite stock of eggs, which begin to be released one to two times from the start of the first menstruation. If the egg was not fertilized, then it is disposed of during the month with blood. There comes an ovulatory period in the middle of the cycle. For example, if your full cycle is 28 days, then ovulation will occur around 13-15 days. It is at this interval that the egg reaches its maturity, and the probability of its fertilization approaches 100%.

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What are the signs of ovulation in women?

As a rule, ovulation in itself proceedsAsymptomatic. But there are exceptions, which say that the female organism is ready to conceive offspring. Most often, it is expressed in the mood and in a heightened desire for sexual intercourse. Also, this may be indicated by weak pulsating pains in the lower abdomen, in the ovaries and small spotting. Do not be scared if something like this happens to you. In the ovulatory syndrome there is nothing dangerous, there is only a slight discomfort. Also, do not be surprised if during this period you will wake up with increased appetite or aggression to others - this is normal, but still try to control this state and emotions. Since all the same some of these signs are not enough, and some women ovulation may occur sooner or later. For a more accurate definition, we recommend a small calculation, which will give you a more accurate answer.

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How to calculate ovulation?

To do this, you will have toCycle and record all the basal temperature readings. At the time when the body is most ready for conception, the temperature will rise by 0.4-0.7 degrees. Usually these figures are present in the schedule for three to five days.

Also one of the tested options is a purchaseA special test for ovulation. It is made on the same principle as the test marker for pregnancy, only with that we differ that it reacts not to gonadotropin, but to progesterone, the concentration of which during this period rises many times. To perform this test at home, you just need to urinate on the test area and wait a couple of minutes for the result to appear.

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Can not doubt - given in this articleThe methods of determining ovulation give a very accurate result, thanks to which you can correctly plan the future birth of the child. Let your efforts to conceive a new life be successful! Happiness and health!

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