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Yoga for posture

Accepting simple poses, freezing in them for 8-10Slow exhalations and breaths, you can work out the muscles. And breathing should be calm and deep. Complex do not forget to end a relaxing shavasana (body posture), so that the body can recover and relax. In shavasana you need to stay 5-7 minutes. To do this, lie on your back, put your hands on the floor, turn your palms up and lightly pull them apart, spread your legs, close your eyes and mouth. It is important to find a comfortable position so that you can maintain immobility for a long time. First, look through your whole body from the tips of your toes to the top, relaxing all the muscles in turn. Then concentrate on breathing, feeling yourself here and now. You should get the impression that consciousness is awake, and the body is resting.

Complex of exercises

Sit on the bent knees, legs slightly dilute,Hands rest on the floor. Move the weight on your hands. Make sure that the wrist joints are strictly under the shoulder joints. Look at the floor, watch for the neck to be a continuation of the back. Include abdominal muscles in the work, insuring the lower back: it should not be deflected. Then tear your knees off the floor and rest on your fingers. Keep your back as flat as possible, the coccyx is pressed inward. If you rest on your hands heavily (body weight does not allow), perform a light version. Forearms put on the floor, fingers direct from themselves, while the elbows should be located strictly under the shoulder joints. Also, make sure that the back is straight, without sagging in the lower back.

Turn to the left side, start the right leg behindThe left. Straighten your left arm and tear the body off the floor. Hold the right hand up, so that both hands are on the same line. Do not drop the head, the neck should be the continuation of the spine. Take care that the pelvis does not fall, and the stomach was drawn, as if the whole body is sandwiched between two walls. While in the posture of the side panel, move the left hand forward with the palm down, bend the body upward, stretching the left surface of the body, unfold the head and look up from under the arm. Then follow the side bar in the opposite direction. If in this case, perform the exercise heavily, bend the lower leg in the knee and place it on the floor.

We lay down on the stomach. Put your forearms on the floor in such a way that they are parallel, and the elbows are located under the shoulders. Stretch the back of the head, make a lunging forward, as if you are about to crawl, shoulders should not be raised and slightly retracted. Connect the feet. In the back should be formed soft deflection. Shake the shoulder blades, pull in the coccyx. Thorax forward and stretch the body - this is the pose of the sphinx. Now, without changing the position of the back, tear your hands off the floor, placing the brushes under your shoulders and putting your elbows back. Straining the muscles, bend stronger - this is the pose of the snake. Look forward, pull your neck, do not press your chin to your chest.

Lay on your side, lead your left hand forward. Raise the shoulder and stretch the left side, touching the floor with the lower ribs. Right hand in front of you, helping to maintain balance. Stops connect and tear off the legs from the floor. Keep your feet together. Then turn over and pose in the opposite direction.

We lay down on the belly, rest on the floor with a chin. Stretched hands, locked in the lock, put under the groin. Raise the straight connected legs as high as possible, keep the socks elongated. Stay in this position, trying to keep even breathing (at first it will be difficult). If it's hard for you to do the exercise, make it easier: lift your legs up one by one, first right, then left. Raising your leg, do not lower it at once, but stay in the posture for a few breathing cycles.

Now you need to gently stretch the back muscles,Otherwise there is a risk of injury. For this purpose we lay down on a back, legs we bend in knees and we pull them to a breast. Forearms cross and brushes grasp the outer ribs of the feet. Pull your legs to yourself. At the same time, we lift the shoulders and the coccyx from the floor, round the back, and at this moment try to bury your knees.

Sitting on the floor, press the sacrum and leaning onElbows, lift the body, so that the blades break away from the support. Legs extend and slightly lift above the floor. In the back, there should be no deflection. Try to keep your feet at an angle of 40 ° to the support (if it's hard for you, reduce the height of the lift). Then, balancing on the sacrum, extend the arms forward so that they are parallel to each other and the floor. Drag your fingers forward. Keep your facial muscles relaxed. Stay in this position for as long as possible, at least 8-10 breathing cycles (inhaling and exhaling).

From the position of a low boat sit on the floor. Put your hands not under the hip joints, but in the middle of the thighs. Shoulders point forward; If it is difficult, put on the sides of yourself additional supports - a couple of thick books and put your hands on them. Raise the pelvis at the expense of the muscles of the press and hands, the legs remain straight. Stop at the feet in the floor, pull the socks on yourself. To complicate the exercise, lift the left foot first, and then the right leg. Each time try to stay as long as possible in a pose, breathe freely. Note - during pregnancy, menstruation or after a wrist injury, the pose can not be performed.

Sitting on the floor, with your socks, stretch forward. Lean back to the angle of about 40-45, keep your back straight. Shoulders lower, shovel reduce. The neck represents one line with a back (and deviates with it). Look forward or toes. Hands stretch out in front of you parallel to the floor. Hold in this position. A more difficult option for those who have the previous version seems simple: without changing the position of the body and neck, raise your hands up so that they become a continuation of the back.

Sit on the floor. Lean back, lift your bent legs and press your hips against the body. Then, clutching the shins with your hands, straighten your legs, pull out your socks. The angle between the hulls and legs should be sharp or straight. Balance on the ischium bones, not on the coccyx. Hands pull forward parallel to the floor. Then lift them up and back a bit - in line with the body. Stay in the pose of 5-10 respiratory cycles.

On each side of you put a couple of books on whichYou can rely on (in a more complex version, hands stand on the floor). Sitting, hands clasp your knees, your back straightens, hips approach the body. Tend the boughs so that they are parallel to the floor. Sock to reach yourself. Then straight arms extend forward parallel to the legs and the floor. Fix the pose for 5-10 respiratory cycles. Then put your hands on the supports, shin your legs in front of you and lift the pelvis and feet up. Again, stay in the pose for 5-10 respiratory cycles. Repeat this bundle of asanas 3-5 times.
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