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Ten reasons not to lose weight

Do not sharply lose weight
At once there will be chilliness. In the human body contains 2 types of fat: brown and white. Fatty tissue brown (due to the pigment cytochrome) does not accumulate fat. It recycles it into heat and energy. If necessary, it releases much more heat (20 times) than conventional fat. There is a lot of fat in babies. But over time it decreases. An adult is endowed with these fats selectively. It is located near the thyroid and kidneys, in the area of ​​scapula and underarms. It creates a warming barrier there. Therefore, reducing the weight, a person risks to get rid of such an important layer, which has a good heat-insulating effect.

Endurance will disappear
Our ancestors sought to specifically accumulate moreFat. This allowed the body to keep energy for periods of shortage of food. In the modern world, the conservation of energy has lost its relevance, but it is necessary to maintain the right way of life. Fats contain energy two times more than carbohydrates, and their derivatives participate in the transfer from the nerve cells to each other exciting impulses. So, being constantly on diets, you can slow down this process, which is very undesirable for the body.

The protection of internal organs will disappear
Fatty tissue creates protective pads forInternal system of the body. Kernels, intestines, nerves and vessels are protected from mechanical injuries or adverse external influences. And without soft support, for example, the kidneys can go down.

There will be female problems
There may be problems with conception. Sex hormones (leptin and estrogens) produce fat tissue. These hormones signal the reproductive system that the body has prepared itself for bearing the baby. Also, fat cells capture testosterone (a male hormone) from the blood and excrete female estrogens into it. It turns out that the absence of a layer of fat necessarily leads to a decrease in the chances of successful ovulation.

Bone tissue will decrease
There will be an osteoporosis. Vitamins of beauty and youth - A, D, E, K. They accumulate fatty tissue. But their concentration will certainly fall, if the number of fat cells decreases sharply, which will necessarily lead to dangerous consequences. Decreased body weight leads to a decrease in bone tissue. Insufficient vitamin D content will result in softening of the bones of the skeleton and osteoporosis. Fat cells are also actively involved in the metabolism of B vitamins. They are important for the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. With their help, cholesterol is processed into folic acid, which is required for bearing a child.

Immunity decreases
This will happen if you decide to go on a mono diet. This is when you choose one product and eat only it. Reduce your weight for a week can be up to 10 kilograms. You can only eat buckwheat or tomatoes, kefir, any fruit. These foods are low-calorie. But nutrition will be monotonous and lead to deficiency of necessary nutrients to the body. This will entail a decrease in immunity, iron deficiency anemia will appear. Mono diets have a negative effect on sleep, a person becomes irritable.

There will be acetonemia
With prolonged starvation, the body receives littleGlucose. Fat becomes an alternative source of energy. It breaks down into fatty acids, and the acids subsequently decompose into ketone bodies. The starving person has acetonemia from an excess of decay products. From the person begins to emit the smell of acetone. This substance is very poisonous. It negatively affects the work of all organs and systems of the human body.

Skin tone will decrease
This will certainly occur if weight lossOccurs with the help of tablets, food additives and teas. The skin always decreases very slowly compared to the volume of the body. After a certain time, there are areas that will sag and wrinkle.

There will be dehydration
This is a consequence of losing weight "lazy." It seems that due to diuretics and laxatives, weight is lost. But it just leaves the liquid. And fat cells do not even suffer. But for the body this is very bad. The water balance is broken, dehydration of the body occurs, useful substances are washed away. With prolonged intake of diuretics, kidneys begin to develop, and heart failure develops.

Worse work of the intestine
At home use an enema forCleansing of the intestine. But with its help you can clean only the lower part of the intestine. Lose weight in this way is meaningless. Uncontrolled washing will lead to stretching of the intestinal walls, the work of her muscles will be disrupted. This subsequently leads to strong and permanent constipation. There will be also a dysbacteriosis. Solutions for the enema will wash away the mucus, dry the walls of the mucous membrane, the leaching of beneficial bacteria will occur.
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