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What is the benefit of breastfeeding for moms?

In fact, not only children benefit from breastfeeding, but also their mothers.

Breastfeeding is a natural physiological process, the next stage after conception and pregnancy.

Thanks to feeding, postpartum haemorrhage is prevented.

Correctly organized breastfeeding becomes a source of exceptionally positive emotions that favorably affect a woman's psyche.

But this is not all, because the protective andThe positive effect of this process extends to a more distant perspective and is that women who have breastfed their children have a higher chance of becoming ill with osteoporosis or some cancers in the future.

But, despite all the positive aspectsBreast feeding, this issue is not given enough attention even by those who, by the nature of their work, are obliged to do this. It's about doctors and midwives who advise young mothers in matters of childcare.

So, what would be mandatory to report breastfeeding to parents, to whom there was a replenishment?
  • Breastfeeding and physiology of the female body
Frequent application of the baby to the mother's breast inThe first days after birth contribute to the production of the hormone oxytocin, due to which stimulates the secretion of milk, and the muscles of the uterus contract. It is important for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage, and also promotes the speedy return of the uterus to the abnormal state. Women, whose babies immediately after delivery receive tasty food, often drip intravenously synthetic oxotocin to avoid the complications described above, but this does not always become an absolute guarantee that there will be no complications.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy

As a rule, an actively breastfeeding woman(When a child receives exclusively breast milk both day and night, does not suck a pacifier) ​​for a while there is no monthly (several months or even years). The condition, when there are no periods during breastfeeding, is called lactational amenorrhea. And it is during this period that you do not have to worry about the onset of the next premature pregnancy. In addition, the absence of menstruation contributes to the preservation of iron in the mother's body. After all, the amount of iron that is lost to them during lactation is incomparably less than when blood loss during critical days. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers have a much lower incidence of iron deficiency anemia.

With regard to contraceptive effectivenessThis period, then, according to research, its reliability is 98-99%, which means that if the above conditions are met, the onset of pregnancy in the first half of the year after childbirth is unlikely.

What benefits does breastfeeding offer to a woman in the future?
Numerous studies also proveThat the state of the mother's health in the future directly depends on whether she fed her baby with her baby. Thus, non-breastfeeding women have a higher risk of getting cancer, and they have problems with metabolism, and they also have psychological problems more often.

How to lose weight with breastfeeding

To lose weight, gained during pregnancy, will also help breastfeeding.

To produce milk, the mother's body spends 200-500 calories a day. Nekormyaschimi mothers to burn the same number of calories need to spend, for example, an hour.

Thus, nursing mothers have a chanceMuch faster return to their previous forms, as well as keep their weight in vain, without applying for this special effort. (Although it is also useful to play sports, especially since in that case the results will be even better).

Of course, this is not all the advantages of breastfeeding, but these are enough to strive to establish it with all the forces.
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