/ How to give up sweet?

How to give up sweet?

Do not notice the sweets in the store
Logic suggests that you simply do not need to buyThe store is sweet. Keep yourself from shopping in the confectionery department. Remember all the unpleasant things that brought you the use of sweets: the favorite dress became small, it became a shame to show the figure on the beach, the gym was tortured to exhaustion, the teeth hurt, and so on.

Ask family members to help you. Let them enter your difficult situation. After all, moderate consumption of sweet will benefit both children and men. But if your requests are ignored, then ask them to buy sweets less, just for themselves. So you do not have to see in the vase chocolates and sweets, and in the fridge the remains of a seductive cake. It will not be tempting to try it all.

Reduce the dose of sweet
It is very difficult to quit smoking, but fromSweet refuse is equally difficult. It will be good if you do not sharply limit the use of sugar, but will reduce it gradually to zero. If you previously put in a cup three spoonfuls of sugar, then give up one spoonful a week.

Observe the correct mode of eating. There must be at least five or six times a day. But portions must necessarily be small. Be sure to have breakfast. In the morning the organism receives all the substances necessary for it to work properly. And if breakfast is right, then you will not want to have a snack with chocolate.

Replace sugar with useful sweets
Dried fruits and honey perfectly replace sugar. If you limit the use of glucose is difficult, then you will help fructose or lactose. These are natural sweeteners. A lot of them contain fruits. Do not abuse sweet fizzy drinks.

Folk remedies
In the Crimea, grass grows - stevia. It is not difficult to get it in any pharmacy. One leaf on the teapot will be enough. Tea will be sweet. Many people do not even feel a faint taste of stevia. You can put a little mint in the kettle to remove the aftertaste of this herb if it is very unpleasant to you.

For a snack - fruit
Of fruits, white grapes are considered the sweetest. Eat more fresh grapes or raisins. It will help cope with the "sugar breakage". The same action has and sweet carrots. Give up fruit juices. They add a lot of sugar for flavoring.

Do what you love.
It happens that craving for sweets occurs during the period,When you think about the things that are to be done immediately. You really want at this moment to eat sweetie. Do not do this! Take care of household chores. Wash the dishes, put things in their places, wash the floor, wash your laundry. During this time you will forget about harmful carbohydrates. The mood will noticeably improve, and sweets will still lie in the refrigerator.

Contact the doctor
If you find it very difficult to physically controlVolume of absorbed sweet foods, then it can talk about problems with hemoglobin, metabolism or hormonal background. You will be given advice on good nutrition.

Of course, do without sweet treats, too.Is impossible. After all, carbohydrates to the body are vital for its proper functioning. Carbohydrates, entering the cells, provide us with an energy boost. Sugar helps the production of serotonin. He is also called the "hormone of happiness". But you can not turn love to sweetness into addiction. You will definitely have serious problems with your health. In recent years, scientists have learned a lot about the dangers of excessive consumption of sweet foods.
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