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Breastfeeding and maternal health problems

Breastfeeding with colds

Most often a woman gets the virus throughUpper respiratory tract. Breathing organs work with increased load, because for the full production of milk requires oxygen. Therefore, the risk of contracting ARI in a nursing mother is very high. From the moment the dangerous virus enters the body before the onset of the first symptoms, it takes about three days.

There are so many diseases in whichThere is a need to refrain from breastfeeding. In the milk of the mother contains a large number of antibodies, which can become a reliable protection of the baby for the baby. If at this stage the child is transferred to artificial feeding, you can, on the contrary, harm the health and cause the onset of the disease.

Do not use high temperaturesRefuse toddler in the chest. All studies show that this absolutely does not need to be done. Even with a high temperature with breast milk, there is no change in taste and quality. It does not turn sour, does not curdle and does not become bitter.

Doctors are allowed to breast-feed, even with inflammationLungs, bronchitis and angina. But in these cases it is necessary to wear a protective bandage. Some women express milk and boil on fire. This should not be done, because all useful and medicinal properties are lost.

Unresolved breastfeeding for women withOpen and dangerous forms of tuberculosis, serious mental disorders, as well as with plague or smallpox. During colds, there are absolutely no contraindications.

The average catarrhal disease lasts about 10 days. But do not hope that everything will pass by itself. It is very important to carry out treatment so that serious complications do not arise.

Only a doctor can prescribe a pharmacotherapy for a cold. Properly selected products will be compatible with breastfeeding and do not harm the baby at all.

Small doses of active drug substanceFall into the milk. Therefore, the child may have some side effects. Mom should strictly observe the prescribed dosage and do not increase it by herself. Before use, you should carefully study the instructions. You also need to closely monitor the baby's condition. For even small changes, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

Time-consuming drugs should be calculated in such a way that at the time of feeding in moloksesoderzhalos as few active substances as possible. For example, it can be done in front.

Most often to reduce the temperature appointedCommon paracetamol. It is considered the most safe for the child and mother. Reduce the temperature should only be used in a manner or with poor tolerability. High temperature is a natural protective reaction of the body, in which viruses multiply much more slowly. Cough and cold are prescribed symptomatically. In addition to symptomatic and antipyretic drugs, influenza can prescribe antiviral drugs, based on interferon. Assign them to a doctor and in most cases they are completely safe for the baby.

It is very important during this period to drink a lot andPeriodically ventilate the room. A woman's time of cold can notice a decrease in milk production. Do not worry, this is due to dehydration of the body. During illness, it is necessary as often as possible to put the baby to the breast and eat the mnogomores or herbal teas. Before using any herbs, you need to carefully study their effects. For example, sage or mint very strongly suppress the process of lactation, and they are not recommended to drink to nursing mothers.

Many mothers are very worried about taking medications. Therefore, it is allowed to use various folk remedies, but only after consultation with a doctor.

If you catch a cold, you can put it in the socks of mustard orTo breathe a boiled potato in a uniform. Throat should be rinsed with the help of thyme. Very good for cold help garlic-honey inhalation, the duration of which should be about 15 minutes. At the first sign of an advancing cold, it very well supports the body by absorbing for the night a mixture of warm milk, raw eggs, honey and butter.

Naturally, with a cold you need to drink a lot. For this, tea from linden or raspberry is very suitable. You can add a small slice of lemon and honey, after recovery, breast milk will be developed in the same amount as before the illness.

Antibiotic treatment with breastfeeding

If the disease is caused by bacterialInfection (sore throat, otitis or pneumonia), then surely antibiotics will be appointed. But even with the taking of these drugs, it is possible to continue feeding.

Antibiotics should be taken with a largeCaution, because there is a big risk of harm to mom and baby. When breastfeeding is completely contraindicated tetracycline and sulfonamides. These antibacterial drugs can adversely affect the baby, causing a delay in development and growth. Negatively affect the teeth, making them yellow and weak.

Macrolides are an extensive group of antibiotics,Which is considered less dangerous and possibly using a nursing woman. But they are used with great caution in all cases of extreme necessity.

The most safe and harmless is consideredCephalosporin, its content in molokenezchitelnoe. The only reaction of the child to it is the occurrence of allergy or a small rash. It is also possible to use penicillins, which are also allowed for breastfeeding, but the child may experience diarrhea, rash and drooling.

There can be no question of any self-medication. Antibiotics are prescribed exclusively by a doctor. In most cases, there may be a temporary dysbacteriosis, but this is less dangerous than a complete transition to intussusception.

Operation with breastfeeding

In cases of severe cases, mum may requireOperation. A young woman must tell doctors that she is breastfeeding. For a long time it was believed that anesthesia is incompatible with breastfeeding and can be very dangerous. But recently it has been proved that most of the drugs used in anesthesia do not practically fall into milk and are safe. Therefore, right after mother regains consciousness after anesthesia, it is possible to resume feeding.

Even if you need to carry out complex treatment with the use of strong drugs, you can try to keep the lactation with the expressing, and the baby at this time is weaned from the chest.

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