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Sore feet. What to do?

1 cause of leg pain - varicose veins

Even if there are no visible confirmations on the legsVaricose veins such as vascular asterisks, prominent blue veins, bumps on them, but you often feel pain and heaviness in the legs, intensifying the evening, you should address these problems as soon as possible to a phlebologist.

Varicose veins are cunning and manifest themselves in the early stages, when you can still quickly help the legs and not run the disease in this way.

At the doctor's. What will the phlebologist do? He will direct you to a painless procedure for Uzi-dopplerography. The analysis will allow the doctor to indicate the patient's problem, the condition of his veins. Depending on the study, appropriate medication will be prescribed.

Most likely, in addition to special products, youThe doctor will be asked to wear compression underwear to support the veins in the legs. Also, you may need to visit the office of physical culture or perform leg exercises at home. In turn, you with varicose can additionally help your legs with the following methods.

Diet with varicose veins. Observe a diet that is recommendedNutritionists with varicose veins. Often, varicose veins occur with increased body weight. So, you have to say goodbye to the extra pounds, so as not to create unnecessary load of nanograms. The diet that suits you during this period should be low-calorie (intake of more than 1300-1500 kcal per day). In addition, there must be proteins in addition to fiber, vegetables and fruits. Vegetable and animal protein contain beef, fish, rabbit and poultry meat, as well as nuts, soy, beans. Prepare the protein dishes for a couple, boil, bake, but do not fry in oil and naskovorode.

Be sure to enter the vegetable juices and juice from the menu.A young nettle, which will purify the vessels, will remove the inflammatory processes in them. In winter, nettle should be poured over boiled water, let it brew, drain and drink half the glass infusion 2-3 times a day.

Eliminate alcohol from your sperm, carbonated drinks, sugar, flour products, fried, and coffee. A pint of one and a half liters of water and fresh vegetable juices a day.

Traditional medicine for varicose veins. Apply to the veins on your feet slices of greenTomatoes. You can also apply grated garlic, infusion oil, as a compress. If tomatoes can be kept for a long time, apply the drug for 3-4 hours, not longer.

Dry cones of hops pour a cup of boiling water, let it brew. Strain and drink an infusion of half a glass before eating.

Handful of nutmeg chopped in a mortar,Pour a glass of boiling water. Allow to stand until cool. Strain, add to the infusion a spoonful of natural honey. Drink almond drink half a glass before eating.

2 cause of leg pain - flat feet or foot deformities

With flatfoot and othersThe forms of the deformed feet, ordinary walking causes rapid fatigue of the feet, and then pain in them. Of course, if your feet are not wearing uncomfortable shoes, which even healthy feet makes you suffer.

Deformity of the feet occurs at an early age. To correct it it is possible, doctors-orthopedists consider, only by means of surgical intervention. But to do or not to operate, only the sampacient decides. It all depends on how much the flatfoot or deformity of the foot prevents its normal existence. But weaken the manifestations of flat feet, causing pain in the feet, quite by force of the non-surgical method.

Ways to get rid of leg pain with flat feet. Get your shoes on a low-heeled heel. Flat sole or, on the contrary, too high a heel will cause you constant pain in your legs. You can choose a special footwear sortopedic effect. Orthopedic insoles in the inside of the shoe should also be worn. Many kinds of sports shoes for women are equipped with such insoles and special built-in shock absorber systems.

Walk as often as possible on a massage mat. Get massaging foot simulators and time to do with them a relaxing massage for feet.

Roll your feet with tennis shoes or pencils on the floor, massage your feet with roller mechanical massagers.

Learn a few exercises from the cycle of therapeutic-physical, recommended for stop flatfoot disease. Among the rather powerful are the following.

Exercises with flat feet. While standing, roll slowly from the heels of the nanoscaleand back. Then, from the position on your toes, slowly roll over the undetected part of your feet and again climb to your toes. Roll the outside of the foot to the inside and back. Walk around the house on your toes. Sozleduduet walk on the outside of the feet, his thumbs under his toes.

3 cause of leg pain - muscle spasm

Tension in the muscles and muscle spasm in the legs, andWith them, and acute or aching pain occurs after one or two hours of walking on heels-studs. Pain in this case is projected on the area of ​​the arch of the foot and the calf muscle. The situation is quite normal from the point of view of physiology. The output is simple. If you are experiencing severe discomfort by wearing high-heeled shoes, try lowering the heel by choosing other shoes. You can use high heels-wedge. On such heels, the stop takes a normal position for it, and the wedge allows you to be taller, and it means slimmer.

Relax leg muscles when wearing shoes on highHeel helps massage the feet, doing exercises to remove tension in the legs. Until recently, the chronic stress of the arch-doctors was suggested to be removed with the help of Botox injections. But today experts refuse this procedure. The fact is that such injections cause a permanent deformation of the foot. In time, the "Botox victim" will have to resort to prompt intervention.

4 cause of leg pain - problems with joints and spine

It would seem, moreover, the violation of posture and unpleasant sensations in the legs? However, the same scoliosis can provoke severe pain in the legs while walking.

Articular changes in the legs, arthrosis (protrudingBone on the foot of the thumb), arthritis (for example, calcaneal spur refers to arthritic changes) are directly related to pain in the legs, especially when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Fight with diseases of the joints of the spineFollows only with the help of specialist doctors (neurologist, orthopedist, neurosurgeon). In the course of the treatment, in addition to blood tests, ultrasound and x-ray examinations, various types of massage, diet, acupuncture, therapeutic gymnastics, hirudotherapy are used.

What can you do yourself? To reduce the pain of spinal and joint pain, try not to wear a narrow, uncomfortable shoe.

Reduce your weight, as the last kilograms have a detrimental effect on the condition of the legs. Try not to overload your legs excessively.

When resting lying down, put under your feet a small pillow or a platen, so that they lie a little more horizontally.

Try to eat less salty foods in yourmenu. Watch for a normal amount of calcium in the blood, giving tests from time to time for research. Elevated calcium in the blood causes arthritic and arthritic diseases. The lack of calcium in the blood leads to the fragility of bone composition in the body.

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